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Justin and I have lots of friends that are starting to have babies. We were the first in our “group” of friends to get married by many years, so it’s really exciting to see people that we’ve been really close with throughout our lives come into this beautiful stage. Jack, Zoe, Beau and Evangeline are first grand babies on both sides of our families, the first of their generation. We didn’t really have anyone other than the women I met in my mom’s groups to ask for advice on what to buy, many of whom I am still very close to today. A trusted friend who has been through the ropes already and learned some of the ins and outs of this ever-changing landscape that is parenthood is completely invaluable. It brings me so much joy when I am able to share a little bit of advise, make a new momma and her family dinner, listen when they just need to vent, and especially treat them with things that I personally appreciate. Beyond the materialistic aspect, the pure heart that goes into gifting someone is where the value lies, so I personally put everything I have into it, whenever I can.

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We have been parents for nearly 9 years, four times over during that span of time. Each child has been different from pregnancy to birth, to toddler years and beyond. They appreciate different things now, but as babies they really just wanted to be close to us, they loved being read to and they each have had a special stuffed animal that they latched on to. After years in and out of the baby stage, I can say that I feel really confident in the roster of things that I will buy for my children and as gifts for friends and family. Apple Park’s products cover all of my bases: My children love them, they’re organic and in some cases sustainable, they wear well and their price point is right on target. Not to mention, they are incredibly sweet and classic.

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This holiday season I am preparing a ton of baby and toddler gifts for friends and loved ones. The kids really enjoy being a part of this process, so getting their opinion is not only helpful but really fun too. Apple Park’s new Turtle Teething Toy, which is made out of wood and organic cotton, is at the top of Beau and Zoe’s favorites as we just spent a lot of time learning about tortoises on a Zoo visit. I personally love the Playground Pals collection that includes a rattle, a Squeaker toy, a plush animal and even booties all that match to the particular animal of choice. The new Fox and Panda Squeaker and Plush animals are incredibly sweet and gender neutral, which is a favorite of mine for my boys and my girls. Within this collection are matching sibling gifts too, something that can’t be overlooked when gifting a new baby with an older sibling. My children all love the Apple Park books, and there’s something sweet for babies, toddlers and even older siblings-we adore the backpacks because they’re made of recycled bottles and are incredibly light weight, plus they match other products within the collection.

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Gifting is one of my favorite things to do. It involves thoughtfully and carefully choosing things that are personal to me and whomever I am shopping for. I think about things that they might need, things that they would like and then I consider whether or not I’ve had personal experience with something that might suit them in these ways, too. When I’m looking for products for myself or my family, I first consider if I can shop small or local, the quality of an item and the materials it’s made of (preferably natural or organic), and of course the price, and whether it fits within my budget. Apple Park easily and adorably checks all of these boxes, and therefore is one of my top picks for gifts for new babies and toddlers. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the lives of these incredibly people that mean so much to me, and I enjoy being able to gift them with things that we all personally adore, too.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer 20% off to my dear readers for anything Apple Park now through December 13th when you enter code MGC20 at checkout. Happy holidays, and happy gifting, friends!

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