In Harmony and Chaos

We’re creeping (ok running) right into the season of giving. First we’ll sit around the dinner table and give thanks for the many, many wonderful things that our family has been so fortunate with, and then in the weeks to come we’ll give special things to our loved ones as tokens of our admiration and appreciation. We focus on gratitude on a daily basis for things like food, shelter, and basketball lessons, keeping that mindfulness as a general guideline for our waking moments, especially the challenging ones. Justin and I are grateful for our occupations and the income they provide, and we try to impress upon the kids that we work because we love what we do, but also because it provides for our family. The days that Justin can’t drive on a field trip or I can’t be in class to assist with a holiday activity are the times these conversations regularly come into play. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home with my children and be a part of so much of their lives.

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We are almost always on the move. When I’m not in my office at home or playing with the kids or cooking our next meal, I am out and about with them. We go to the market together and shopping for odds and ends down town at the local shops in our town. We now live in an area that is quiet and friendly, with all kinds of shops that are geared towards children or simply lovely to look at. It’s fun to head down there, getting hot chocolates at the cafe that Justin and I grew up going to and then gazing into the sweet, quaint little Holiday displays in the windows while passing friends and acquaintances on the sidewalks This feels like home to me. It feels like home to all of us.

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A journey out into the world with all four of the kids and often, Theo, almost always means some kind of chaos is about to ensue. Beau had 15 seconds with his hot chocolate and homemade whip cream before I turned around only to come back and find his drink all over his brother, the floor, and the poor man sitting next to us. Jack and Zoe are often on their own and very patient, but Evvie is now in a mode where all she wants to do is run around; out the front door and down the street. She is fast and has no regard or awareness of us, where we are or where she is. This fearlessness is a newfound trait that came hand in hand with walking, and being out in public is almost always a challenge. I need to constantly have diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, my wallet and car keys on me at all times, and that really just demands the perfect bag to hold it all in such a way that I barely know it’s there. An awesome diaper bag is truly a mother’s sidecar; trusty, necessary and with little fanfare.

I’ve been so happy with my Lily Jade diaper bags. The Meggan, with its ability to convert to a backpack, its washable, removable interior organizer, and the optional cross body strap is one of my favorites. The backpack option has been utilized when I needed both arms for holding one, sometimes two children, for chasing, cleaning up messes and wiping tears. I absolutely need a bag that will not leave me stranded without bandaids or diaper wipes, and one that will not get in the way when I need to chase, protect and care for my most precious people. I often try to do too much at the risk of getting a little messy, but it’s the only way I know how to live as a parent. Being with them is my priority, whether we’re cooking, shopping or exploring, and I want to keep the logistics of those scenarios as much in the background as possible. The Lily Jade diaper bags answer in so many different scenarios, which is when you know you have the right things.

Lily Jade is having a huge Thanksgiving Sale! All bags are discounted + get an all-new leather cosmetics case for 50% off with purchase of any bag over $200. Also new and exciting: Anyone who purchases a bag between now and 12/30 will be automatically entered to WIN her pick from our Spring line before it’s even available to the general public. I am happy to be giving away a style of choice to one lucky winner myself. Enter as prompted below. Good luck, and have a wonderful holiday!

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