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The fundamentals of our lives are really easy and fun for me to talk about. I love being a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and an integral part of our immediate and greater family. The everyday functionality of managing all of these moving parts and the special intricacies that come with each is really what drives me and fuels my passion. Every day something new happens and I’m inspired to change our lives for the better by choosing what we eat, how we spend our time together and individually and what new things we learn that can better our lives and the lives of others, including our pets.

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It seems complicated from a far glance, but the beautiful web of conversations, ideas and planning that goes into being a conscientious and thoughtful family member is not exhaustive. It’s really simple and based on the fundamentals of being an empathetic and loving human being. We spend so much time together, reinforcing these important things, that caring for each other means being thoughtful about how we treat one another and how we care for our own selves and those who cannot care for themselves, our fur babies. In the morning, we wake slowly and move towards the kitchen where I make my coffee and Justin and I tackle packing lunches and making breakfast. The kids gather around the table and we talk about our days while eating and preparing, sometimes rushing and always helping. Beau puts the placemats out, Zoe sets the table and Jack pours the waters. Meal time is one of the most important parts of our days, because it means we are together and actively engaging and taking care of each other. Theo and Charlie always are fed their meals at the same time that we sit down to eat together, and so it makes sense that the kids understand what they are eating, too. Farm’s Harvest from Nutro has real vegetables and fruits, whole and dried so that they look just like the ones that we eat. Theo gobbles up his breakfast and dinner, and I think he knows that he is getting something that is very close to what we eat, too. The colors are vibrant and the nutrients plentiful, just like what we strive for in our own meals.

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Over the years it’s become more and more important to me that I support brands and sources of products that align with what matters to us, our core values. I buy as much organic and sustainable foods and products as I can, and I make sure that the things that I bring into our home and fed to my children and pets are as safe and nutritious as possible. Nutro’s “Honest-to-Dog” approach to making pet food means real ingredients sourced from their own facilities without any additives, with high-quality nutrition that is actually visible. Nutro also ensures 600 quality checks are conducted each day, and real meat, poultry or fish protein featured as the #1 ingredients. It’s always been kind of a mystery to me what kind of ingredients go into pet food but I spent some time at the MARS facilities last year and I learned a lot about Nutro, even watching Dr. Tiffany, Mars’ Health and Nutrition Expert, eat the Farm’s Harvest herself.


My kids can see the real foods that go into Theo’s bowl and we all understand that our pets deserve to be taken care of in the best ways. We emphasize love and empathy as well as the basic fundamentals of playing and meal time as being an important part in all of our days. We are all so busy doing each of our own things while being thoughtful and engaged family members, so it’s nice to have sources that I trust to turn to when other decisions aren’t quite so easy to come by.

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