Setting Her Sights, And Her Pace

For a long time, I thought that Justin and I just had a knack for having babies that were just a little bit more interested in walking than the average child. Beau and Zoe both walked at nine months, and Jack started walking at 10 months. When both of those age milestones came and went with Evvie and she was showing little to no interest in moving around on her own, it was the first indication to me that maybe she wasn’t going to be like her siblings. With her being my fourth child in 8 years, I know enough to realize that of course each child is wildly different from the next and my first mistake is expecting anything in the first place. We let her explore her surroundings at her own pace, even crawling later than her siblings and finally cruising around furniture by the time she turned one year, and a month after that she began taking her first steps unassisted.

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Being a late summer California baby, Evvie spent all of her time barefoot through the summer before she began to walk. As a family, we are outdoors often either at the beach, the pool, playing in our yard or spending long days at the baseball and soccer fields watching the big kids practice with their teams. She was and is my constant companion, either on my hip, in a baby carrier, or circling my legs as I try to manage to multitask. Leaving my close proximity isn’t something Evangeline does very willingly so I’m often there coaxing her to explore her surroundings while holding her hand or gently introducing her to new environments. As cautious as she is, walking onto different textures was a clear deterrent in the beginning, along with whatever footwear I could find for her that would protect her feet without disrupting the sensory experience too much. Her ability to walk has improved as quickly as the weather has turned, so finding appropriate, protective footwear is crucial. I have found that the Reebok VentureFlex Quest have been the perfect transitional shoe for her, as they are incredibly lightweight and are made from breathable materials that aren’t bulky around her little foot and allow enough room in the toe area for moving around naturally. The soles are flexible and not stiff, allowing her to walk faster and with her natural gait while protecting her feet from the elements. They are easy to put on and take off, and she barely notices when they’re on her feet, which is a really big deal for my little lady and her sensitive sensory experience.

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It’s been fascinating watching Evvie develop in ways that are so different than what we are used to. Jack, Zoe and Beau were kicking around soccer balls before blowing out their first birthday candles, while Evvie truly has moved at her own pace, being determined to choose exactly when and where and under which circumstances she chooses to do things. She took her first steps when no one was looking or coaxing her, though she loved the encouragement she received from all of us when we noticed what was happening. It’s delightful watching her walking around with us when we are out in public, as her sense of adventure is heightened when she knows she is safe out in new places with all of us. We both feel comfortable and confident when she’s wearing the Reebok VentureFlex Quests, and I know she’s protected from the various hazards while being supported well, too. She’s well on her way to keeping up with the big kids and our active lifestyle, and I’m sure she’ll be kicking around the soccer ball with Beau in no time. Parenthood is nothing if not a humbling lesson in patience and learning to accept that things will happen just as they should, right when they are supposed to happen.

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