A Sweet and Trusty Confidant

The days are long but the years are short. I remember exactly where I was when I heard this phrase for the first time, and it instantaneously brought me to tears. I was navigating though a new life with two babies in New York City while my partner and best friend was deeply buried in dental school. We struggled with finances and logistics those few years that we lived in the city, but it became one of my greatest learning experiences to date. Being intrenched in the weeds and glory of having two children in diapers, learning to entertain them when the weather wouldn’t allow us outdoors or making our way to doctors appointments on the subway together are memories that I will have forever. They have set the stage for my entire life, especially now that we have four children and life has evolved considerably in all ways.

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There are so many things that are different about having two children and four children, but quite honestly so much stays the same. My priorities center around making sure I’m organized and that every single thing is put into a shared calendar that both Justin and I can access from our smart phones. I have alerts set for all things work and child related, and three bags in my home set in obvious places that always contain exactly what I need for any kind of outing: A few plastic bags, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks for four kids and a set of markers with a notebook. I learned a lot about traveling with babies in New York City, and packing for every day trips with children is one of those things I implement daily still. Of course, this also means that I’m quite picky when it comes to what bags I will invest in, and I have been so happy with my Lily Jade diaper bags that I consistently turn to them when planning, packing, traveling and making my way through the week.

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My life has completely centered around my children since early December. I consistently prioritize my time with them obviously, but until then I was able to have a sitter here to help juggle the various conflicting activities and appointments. I worked in between pickups and sports, and Evvie was able to avoid spending so much time in the car going back and forth because she had her own personal caretaker. Lately, I’ve been working and errand running in all moments of the day, leaving me very little wiggle room for error. Evvie is with me at all times-which I love-and making sure that I’m packed and organized for the day is absolutely necessary. It’s essential to have tools to trust and rely on when everything else is so scattered throughout the day, and my Lily Jade bags are certainly one of my top choices in any stage of parenthood. They are chic and gorgeous, well made and incredibly versatile both in style and function. I’m thrilled to be giving one of these bags away, but I would recommend them as the perfect momma Valentine’s Day gift, too! They are running a special promo for Valentine’s Day — click here to learn more about that — and enter to win your free bag of choice below! (U.S. and Canada only!)


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