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I learned fairly early on in parenthood that if I followed a natural, established path of abiding by certain standards, then the decisions made based on those values would present themselves in most situations. It’s a basic plan of decision making rooted in the very core of our beliefs, a pathway of gently laid stepping stones giving a little bit of framework to an otherwise vast abyss of our lifetime and the lives of our children as we raise them. As a teenager, I developed very strong beliefs of what was right and wrong towards the beginning of high school, rebelling against large companies that depleted our resources with abandon and embracing a vegetarian lifestyle. I was passionate then, and I’m passionate now. As a parent and a consumer, making choices about what we eat, buy and the tools we use every day is a chance to empower ourselves and teach our children certain values that we hold and abide by.

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Jack and Zoe are my pickiest children. It’s surely a product of being early decision makers themselves, flexing their opinions and establishing their own set of personal rules. It’s really important to me to support them on this journey, but admittedly it can be really frustrating at times. Zoe used to wear pretty, girly dresses every day so I stocked her closet full of beautiful things she would feel good in. Jack would eat anything I put on his plate until this year, when he developed lists for what he will and will not put in his mouth. Daily plates of cut vegetables and lunches stuffed with good things that would come home empty were suddenly long gone. Zoe wears leggings and t-shirts on rotation, and Jack has a short list of foods that he’s decided he likes and an even shorter list of what he’ll actually consume while at school. Even still, I choose the brands of clothing to buy Zoe and am incredibly deliberate about what goes into our refrigerator and pantry. I’m perfectly fine not winning every battle if our basic guidelines and values are adhered to. Parenthood isn’t easy; it’s a marathon full of these situations, but the most important part is the daily experiences we get with each other and the time we devote to one another. It’s critical to support those brands and companies that not only make our lives easier, but also hold similar values. I strive to make sustainable choices whenever possible and 99% of the foods I buy are organic and void of fake fillers and dyes. Happy Family baby and toddler foods have been a part of our lives for most of our parenting years. Not only are the foods organic, but they also partner with many organizations that support people who really need it.


Our two youngest, Beau and Evangeline are our x factors. In any given time or place, they tend to make an interesting experience of it, and while it is most often entertaining for the rest of the family (they are silly and rambunctious as can be), often times it’s exhausting. Justin and I strive to make our adventures as a family as positive as possible, so we make sure to pack whatever snacks and toys that will preoccupy the little ones or distract them from imminent meltdowns. Evvie has really taken to eating her snacks from the bag they are packaged in, so I almost always have Happy Baby Love My Veggies pouches, a bag or two of Love My Veggies Freeze Dried, or Yogis (all the kids love Yogis). Happy Family’s Enlightened Nutrition and Social Values align well with our values as parents, and the added fun and smiles they bring to our little ones is always welcome. Our lifetime is made up of these moments that encompass a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions, memories of times in our lives that will carry us through this journey. We strive to make our days joyful and meaningful, not just for ourselves but for friends, family and strangers, too.



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  • Always lovely to find healthy food that children will eat. Beautiful photos as always.

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