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I was a little nervous when I found out we were pregnant with our first little girl. Jack had turned one a few months prior and we were just getting the hang of having a baby boy toddling around and interested in everything that had to do with balls and sports. I was raised with one sister and we were about as girly as girls can be. We played house, rocked our babies and pushed them in strollers up and down the blocks, We wore pretty dressed trimmed in eyelet lace that our mom made and couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen to cook with her whenever we had the chance.

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Our interests changed as we got older, and we moved into playing with fashion dolls and collecting all of their accessories. Eventually those interests turned to clothing of our own and boys, from school friends to boy bands. As a tween girl, I was nothing if not passionate and slightly predictable. I argued with my sister and wreaked havoc on my poor mom in the drama department, being generally a handful, like teen girls tend to be. These reasons all made me nervous to raise my own daughter, as I was instantly presented with my past and her future all in one instant in that little ultrasound room. That feeling was fleeting once I realized all of the pink and beautiful little things I could surround myself and my family in until she decides she’s done with it all (happening as I type this).

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(leggings, sweater)

I’ve embraced the fun that comes along with having daughters, and part of that is celebrating our relationship and having fun with each other. Zoe pays a lot of attention to what I wear, what I listen to, whether or not my nails are polished and what shoes I choose for the day. She is watching closely and I am very careful with the words I choose to describe myself and others (as usual but especially around her & the other kids). It’s incredibly critical to not only display an attitude of confidence, but to embody it both for her and for myself. Lately she’s been into matching with me, and gets a huge kick out of it when I can match with Evvie, too. Our go-to lately for kids (and for me!) has been Old Navy, as we’ve found it so much fun to be able to match certain pieces with each other. The quality is there, the price point is low (especially right now with their baby/kids sale, thank goodness), and the options for wearing vibrant colors and trendy pieces that suit us both is easy when looking at the Old Navy options. We had so much fun shooting this campaign, but I think Zoe got the biggest kick out if it. Seeing her mom and baby sister matching sent her right over the edge into a giggle oblivion.

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Evvie was born a little over a year ago, and the feelings of joy in having a family with two daughters and two sons is sometimes overwhelming. My gratitude is immeasurable and the joy is boundless, though I am faced daily with the responsibility of holding myself accountable for my own actions, my own self confidence and the love I share for not only them, but for myself too. Parenthood for me is so often full of love, kind words, guidance, patience and education, but what I didn’t expect going into it was how much of those things I would be gaining for myself while emulating it for my children. I’m all for celebrating this beautiful relationship in every capacity possible, and that means twinning with my babies on more than one occasion.

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