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It occurred to me the other day that I have been carrying around diapers in bags for over nine years, pretty much straight through. My lifetime as a mother has run the gamut in so many different ways; I began as a working mom of one and then two babies, moved to Manhattan and started a business while raising two, then three babies from our apartment, and finally transitioning back to the suburbs and welcoming two pets and one more baby along with a full time job. It has been the most incredible experience, so much so that it’s hard to imagine life at all prior to having a family.

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Everything about me as a person has changed since becoming a parent, but likely the most obvious is my ability to organize and keep (most) things tidy. I never used to wear a watch or keep track of anything in an orderly way, but the effect of motherhood on my ability to be successful in any way, shape, or form is fully leveraged on how organized my life. Through the process of trial and error-mostly error-I have discovered that in order to have a well-planned and smooth day with children and babies, most everything needs to be pre-accounted for. I don’t leave home without my calendar alerts set in my phone and a bag packed with everything we need for the afternoon’s activities. Over the years and through the very drastic changes in our lifestyle, there have been a few constants that apply no matter how many children we have, our mode of transportation or what our schedule looks like.BT4A9266-2 BT4A9335-2 BT4A9352-2

We pretty much always need diapers, wipes, snacks and various types of medicine or bandages at any given point in time, and our entire activity or time of day is leveraged on whether or not we have these important things. Essentially, this is the story of my evolution from the Hot Mess Mom to the Type A Mom with Hot Mess Tendencies over the course of nine years and four children and the bag that helped me transition to the organized wonder that I am lately. The Lily Jade line is fantastic for many reasons, but specifically I’ve found that they are fully functional and incredibly transitional. Most of their bags come with a washable, removable organizer and I love that the Rosie can be either a handle bag or a cross-body, especially when I am baby-wearing. It seems that at an given time of day I can be headed to the gym, the baseball or soccer fields, a school function or a work event, and I can bring the Lily Jade Rosie to all of them and feel as though I’m completely prepared and (!) even put together.

Over the course of this beautiful, messy, wonderful and sometimes precarious journey of motherhood, I’ve learned so much about myself, the kind of person I am, and most importantly the kind of parent I want to be. Being able to be present, accountable, engaged and passionate about these things is top on my priority list, and I feel fortunate to have found a few tools along the way to help me achieve those things.

This is my #StoryOfMotherhood, and I’d love to hear yours. Share your #StoryOfMotherhood below for a chance to win a Lily Jade bag of your own! Good Luck!!

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  • While not a mom myself, I’d love to send this bag to my boyfriends’s daughter. She lives in England and is expecting her first baby in October. I think a first time mom would love this bag!

  • I am a new mom to a fun 9 month old boy. He’s so sweet and lovable! I’m also a work at home mom who likes to get out and about after my work day and jam pack the weekend with fun activities. I have yet to find an organized way to get out though! I have different types of diaper bags for different occasions and that tends to be confusing in itself! I’m always looking through each bag to compile what I need and almost always forget something in the process. At least I always remember the baby! Also, we cloth diaper, so we need a bag that can fit a days worth of diapers, if needed. I would love to win a Lily Jade bag! How awesome would that be! I think it’s just the solution I need to feel organized, prepared and sane when walking out the door. My husband will thank you!

  • I’m a bag girl so when I was pregnant the idea of picking a diaper bag was fun and exciting. I had yet to register for one when my son was born at 28weeks and 5days. A very thoughtful and generous friend sent an adorable diaper bag (filled with magazines knowing we were spending many hours in the NICU). I love that bag because it was my fist tangible piece of mommy gear. It has never been quite big enough so it is often open and a bit over stuffed. My son has some medical issues and developmental delays so even though he is 3.5 we still carry it everywhere (usually with this clipped to the side) because we can’t leave home without back-up supplies and diapers. It is a moment of triumph when the needed item is located and sometimes bittersweet when coming across outgrown onesies or solo socks.

    • Oh my goodness, I am so sorry your sweet baby was born so early but it sounds like you two are tackling all the obstacles with grace and perseverance. Such a brave mama.

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  • My #StoryOfMotherhood started when I became a mother at a young age during my sophmore year in college. Learning to be organized and always making a schedule for the next day was the key to successfully graduating. Balancing my life as a student, as a young single mother was hard and confusing since at the time i thought it was a juxtaposition to keep my youth spirit and being a good role model for my daughter. (It didnt help that I was in a college town) After time, i realized motherhood only enhances and betters a woman’s personality and being a young mom and a student was what I was. When i learned to embrace that fact, everything fell into place.
    Organization and finding happiness in the simplicity of daily things are part of me, and what keeps my life as a mother simpler. Now-a-days, i work and continue to further my education making my huge book bag my perfect companion. It is fillef with everything from my personal belongings, work papers, my daughter toys and books from both a Masters stundent and a Kindergarten student. I think a Lily Jade bag will be a great replacement for my old book bag !

    • WOW. Such an incredible story. You are setting such a powerful example for your daughter! You should be so proud.

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  • Thanks so much for the opportunity!! We are just about to have our second (5 weeks left!) and I could begin to explain as eloquently as you have. I have been loving the Lily Jade line from afar. My current bag has all but worn out after my first, and would love the chance to test out some real quality.

  • I too have a need for organization. I use a paper planner as well as digital calendar that sends notifications to my phone. My hope is that my son, now in college, has learned to be organized. the key is balance and being organized enough to not get stressed but still able to enjoy spontaneity and not being over-planned.

  • I am mom to a 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter. Though I may not need room for diapers and sippy cups, I still need lots of room. I homeschool and sometimes we take our schooling outside. Now I carry tablets, phones, wallets and whatever necessity we may need on our outing. Often times that involves nutrition bars and snacks. I stylish bag would make it even better.

  • Mom of six always on the run this bag is perfect for my everyday wear. From school pick ups, park adventures, gymnastics class etc..
    Not to mention is so stylish as well..
    I will love to win this Lily Jade Bag and I can was it after a crazy week.
    Thanks for sharing good luck everyone.

  • having two young daughters, being a Mom has taught me that everything is in phases. From diapers, to fits, to potty training, to good behavior, it all ebbs and flows so try to enjoy that phase while its there!

  • I great diaper bag is essential. Also one that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. 🙂 I find even when I don’t have my boy with me I still carry it because I don’t have time to transition to another one. Expecting boy #2 in July and would love a new diaper bag. Love being a stay at home mommy! Working on getting ready for 2 boys and loving life. For me there is know greater joy or purpose then being a mom!

  • Awesome bag, practical yet chic. Love it!!

  • Hi, Jessica! I really enjoy your blog. I was wondering about your sunglasses – as I’ve been on a quest for new sunglasses and I love these that you’re wearing. Would you mind sharing the details? Thanks!!

  • While I’m a mom of teenagers, my purse is still always stocked. Hair ties, feminine supplies, medicine, bandages, and snacks, plus I love a bag hats big enough for a water bottle and a great read as well!

  • Wow – really hard to put my thoughts on motherhood into so few words, let alone in words at all! So thankful though, and of course would love and very much benefit from a Liky Jade! ☺️

  • Motherhood has been, and is, the most incredible experience so far in life. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and 6 month old son. With the welcoming of our second child, I’ve got baby brain and am sometimes sleep deprived, so the need to be organized is of greater importance. I can’t rely on my memory alone anymore so I write everything down in my phone with reminders set! I never purchased a diaper bag and instead use a big ol’ hobo bag that I love. It does the job but it lacks compartments so I’m constantly organizing, shifting, and digging through my bag. It wasn’t a big deal with one kid but with a toddler and a baby now, I’m packing way more stuff! I would love a lily jade bag as it doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag but functions fully as one and could be used years after the babies grow up. I love following you and your family — you’re an inspiration! xo

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