Eight Miles of Magic (and Comfort)

I never really knew how much I didn’t walk on a regular basis until we sold our cars and moved to New York City. Suddenly, my “easy” transportation everywhere became a daily routine of assessing the outside elements and mapping out our routes. We walked everywhere, pushing two and sometimes three children in a stroller to get where we needed to be. I bought outerwear for each season and footwear to suit my trek rather than my attire. It took a little while, but I realized in time how liberating it was to be able to leave our building and walk to get whatever we needed, and wherever we needed to be without strapping four children into car seats 6-8 times per day like we do now.

Our lifestyles changed pretty drastically all over again when we moved back to the Bay Area. We now drive most everywhere we need to be, and we all have daily (mostly) scheduled activities to ensure we’re not only outdoors but getting exercise, too. Walking long distances is not a part of our daily routine any longer, so heading into our 6-day trip to Disney World had me researching good walking shoes for all of us. Tennis shoes for the kids and Justin, and Børn Shoes for me. I ordered two pairs: The Marcia in black and the Stephanie in gold. Both pairs are made with unbelievably supple vegetable-dyed leather and are crafted with Børn’s signature hand-stitching technique; skilled artisans sew the upper, insole and bottom of the shoe together allowing the padded sole to flex naturally to your foot, providing ultimate comfort that is not heavy or bulky. I pulled in 6 to 8 miles of walking per day in these shoes, and my feet were in fabulous shape.



The older I get, the more in tune I am with my body, because I know if I don’t listen to its cues there could be a disaster looming. I cannot afford to not feel well or healthy enough to get through the days with our children and their rigorous routines, let alone a week-long stint at Disney. Often, if my feet aren’t in good shape it leads to back aches and leg cramps, all of which I’m just don’t have the patience for. Given the heat, humidity, physical exertion, and over-stimulation, I certainly wasn’t about to conquer this gloriously exhausting vacation without properly preparing myself for the journey. The best part though, was we attended as a part of a conference, so my attire was important, too. My Børn Sandals worked well with my outfits whether I was business casual or theme-park casual, as their natural aesthetic accommodates and compliments more than one dress code.




Practicality is becoming more and more of my daily goals for pretty much everything. I personally don’t sacrifice good quality in it’s favor, but I consider it a challenge to try to meet all of my personal philosophies in everything I do. Prioritizing functionality and good health are at the top of my list, and because I’ve learned that there’s often repercussions for sacrificing on either of those fronts, I don’t risk it any more. A great pair of shoes can make a great experience even better, and with the interest of making sure I feel my best in order to parent in the most patient and loving way possible, I’m happy to bring them into my life and along for any journey.

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