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I’ve seen my fair share of minor accidents involving my children over the years. Stitches, emergency room visits, bumps and bruises are to be expected when parenting four children under 9 years of age. Emotionally they all respond and react to their bodies differently, and I’ve learned to look out for certain things in each child, so vastly different from the next. I pride myself on being capable and making the best decisions I can for my children, but I’m consistently surprised by how much I expect them to be alike. Of course they share the same genes, but their bodies and minds couldn’t be more different from one another. With Jack’s allergies presenting early in his life, we’ve run the gamut on understanding how foods can affect their overall health.



Recently Beau was diagnosed with asthma, a turn of events that came as a relief and a shock at the same time. While he doesn’t have any food allergies that we’re aware of, he appears to have mild eczema and what appears to be a result of sensitivity to either dairy or gluten, or both. We’ll be making our way into Jack’s allergist to determine what exactly is going on, but until then we’ve been especially sensitive and aware of what he eats and how his body responds to certain foods. We are cautious around Evangeline when it comes to introducing allergens to her diet, and even though her big sister Zoe doesn’t have any allergies or sensitivities yet, there are some warning signs that we’re paying close attention to in our every day life. I’m careful and deliberate to choose what goes on their bodies and how her diapers help to tell a story about how her system is processing foods. Choosing products that are allergen free, sensitive and extremely gentle is a priority and one that I can use consistently with all of my children. The Skinfix line of dermatologist recommended and pediatrician tested products meets this criteria; They’re natural, free of nut ingredients, fragrance, soy, parabens, and phthalates and safe for eczema prone skin.

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Beau is incredibly active and mostly fearless. He possesses a special talent for balance and coordination, but accidents can, will and do happen often because he is aggressive and energetic, leaving nothing in his path. Evvie, Zoe and Jack are far more cautious and careful about their surroundings, but they’re still kids who play often and often they play hard. As different as they are, their skin is mostly the same and can be treated and protected by the same, natural products that we have found through the Skinfix line.

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It’s comforting to know that the Gentle Hair & Body Wash and Gentle Lotion will be gentle and calming for all of them, especially when they need it the most. The wash is tear-free and a great 2-in-1 product for the whole family! There aren’t a lot of things that I can tuck into my parenting tool belt that will treat all four of my children effectively and consistently. It’s especially important that even though there are endless possibilities for accidents and reactions, there are ways that I can go into each day knowing that I’m prepared with products that can ease pain or irritation in the safest, most comfortable way possible.

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  • Hi Jessica,
    I’m on IG and have followed your cute kids and Theo for several months now. When I saw your IG post about allergies and eczema I came to your website and was glad to see that you are aware of the food/ gut connection to allergies and skin problems. I’m an RN that 5 years ago felt like I was 70 (I was 55) and couldn’t understand why I felt so horrible. I kept looking and searching until I ended up with a naturalpathic Dr. Who understood “leaky gut”. Since that time GI Dr.’s are getting on board and now realize that the GI system is the “second brain”. Probiotics, etc. are good for repair of the gut. Dr. Carrie Daenell in Denver is my naturalpathic Dr. In Denver. Your kids are so cute and helping them with the gluten or dairy allergies is important. Good luck. I am feeling SO MUCH better and I’m now 60!?

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