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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our lifestyle and how much time we spend outdoors. How different it would be if we still lived in an apartment in New York City, and how grateful I am for those years as difficult as they were for so long. Winter on the East Coast is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and sure, while we spend time skiing and snowboarding in Lake Tahoe as often as possible, it’s nothing like living every day in bitter cold, sleet and snow. My husband and I grew up in the area we are now raising our kids, a very mild Northern California. We have basically front-yard access to the best hiking, the ocean and all the wonderful options it brings for learning and activities, as well as a quick drives to lakes and mountains for all kinds of other sports and outdoor fun. We grew up riding our bikes to school and playing all of the outdoor sports we could, including swim team and water polo. It was a really easy decision to move back to this outdoor wonderland and raise our children to also be active, but also to respect nature and our planet.

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This is a very busy season of our lives. Three out of four kids are in at least two sports each, filling most of our days with school, practices and games. There are days that we prioritize family activities above all else, and during those times we make sure to spend it outdoors as long as weather permits. The last few weekends we’ve gone on hikes, taken Theo to the beach, and ran through corn mazes at the pumpkin patch. The different physically challenging and fun things we can do really opens the door for free conversations and very few arguments, mostly because they’re busy doing two things at once and aren’t inclined to focus too much on pestering each other. Fuel is just as important as anything else in these situations, so we are always sure to pack CLIF Kid Zbars, along with fresh fruits, veggies and water-things they’re all eager to carry in their little snack sacks. I have learned that making sure everyone is fed and hydrated is the easiest way to not only keep them feeling energetic and happy, but also to avoid the most tragic of meltdowns.

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 With the rainbow of personalities that makes up our colorful family of six, there are also lots of different food preferences. Jack, our oldest, has run the gamut with food allergies-mainly tree nuts- and so we make sure to steer clear of them especially in our on the go, easily accessible snacks that they quickly grab on the way to school and sports. The CLIF Kid Zbars have been a daily part of our routine for years now, and lately Evvie has been especially loving the CLIF Kid ZFruit & Veggie Ropes. We never leave home without provisions of snacks, water, and our diaper/wipes/emergency kits. Both cars are fully stocked at all times, so we keep the non-perishable kinds of foods for days that we’re rushing around. Whether we’re heading out for family adventures or sports, we go together and prioritize and cherish that time spent. It’s especially helpful to have certain foods that align with our priorities come along for the journey. I’m sure CLIF Kid Zbars will be a part of our lives for awhile.

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Find out more about CLIF Kid’s focus on getting kids to play outside and push their own boundaries by visiting their #ComeOutToPlay initiative here:

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