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The other day I managed to do that one thing that I promised myself I’d never, ever do. For eight years I’ve been taking my kids to some type of school program, from integrated twos to full blown 4th grade, elementary school. We’ve gone to seven different schools, in three different cities, all with completely different communities and social expectations. From our local YMCA to insanely expensive private preschool, to public schools in Manhattan, Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, I really do feel like we’ve run the gamut on adapting to extremes in terms of lifestyles and different types of social groups. Of all these years walking, driving, pushing strollers in heat, sleet and snow, I never once dropped my kids off at school in my pajamas. Until last week.

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I don’t have anything against the practice itself, and I certainly don’t judge others for it, but for me it comes down to holding myself to a certain standard when presenting myself in public. We harp on and on to the kids about washing faces, brushing teeth and wearing appropriate clothing to school becuase it’s important to “suit up” for important things, and school is absolutely one of those things. Sure, we wear jammies to get bagels in the morning on the weekends or even swimsuits to get an ice cream cone, but during the week acting responsible and being presentable is important. My own personal daily duties change so much during the day and often throughout the week that I really rely on a few dresses, a pair of jeans and a good pair of shoes that work with all of these different looks. I lived in a couple different pairs of Born sandals in the summer and now that it’s fall I’m relying heavily on a darling and super comfortable pair of Born booties that go with everything.

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Now that I’m closing in on 23 weeks pregnant, my body has changed to the point of barely accessing my normal clothes anymore. I have one pair of jeans and a couple dresses that I depend on throughout the week, and I won’t compromise for a split second on comfort. On any given day I’m cooking meals in our kitchen, sopping something or other up off of the ground, running around doing errands and carpool, volunteering in my children’s classes, sitting in on PTA meetings or heading out for a bite to eat with my husband or a friend. As much as I love fashion and having fun with my personal style, lately I’m finding the cleanest, most comfortable and presentable pieces I can and pairing them with these Born booties that are made of premium, soft leather with rubber soles that are hand-sewn at the seams. I can quite literally wear them all day and into the night without a single issue, all of which are absolutely critical when I’m running around after four children all day, too.

As silly as I felt for dropping my kids off to school in my pajamas that day, somehow breaking a ridiculous precedent that I had set for myself-I wouldn’t be embarrassed if it happened again. As happy as I’ve been in my new maternity-friendly wardrobe lately I won’t worry about it. I can easily get dressed and feel like I’m presentable in most situations, knowing that not only do my incredibly sturdy and comfortable Born boots make each outfit look that much better, but they will support me physically, too-even given my ever-changing physique.

I’m happy to have partnered with Born Footwear again, and am happy to offer you an opportunity to win some of your own! Please follow the link to enter. Good luck!

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  • I love the Binghamton booties!!!! I have been searching for a good quality boot and would love to win these!

  • I can relate to having those few go to items in your closet. It makes life that much easier when you aren’t staring your wardrobe in the face and discover you have “nothing to wear”. Thanks so much for your blog. It’s a super fun read and always comforting to know you aren’t the only one. Cheers!

  • Love Born boots and shoes!

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