She Can Do Anything

The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter was not unsurprising: I shopped. I didn’t really know what our lives would look like raising a son and a daughter 19 months apart in age, but I was excited. I bought a pink tulle tutu and a pair of little ballerina pointe shoes, both of which I still have tucked in a keepsake box in the attic. She could be whoever she wanted and we would celebrate and support her, but for the first six months of her life I got to play dress up with her and I certainly enjoyed each and every frilly, sparkly little getup I could manage to squeeze her into.


By the age of two, Zoe was kicking soccer balls and riding her brother’s scooter, but mostly making sure that all of us knew that she was more than capable of making her own decisions and ensuring that she did just that. In fact, our two year old Evangeline is so much like Zoe was at her age that I’m quite sure strong-willed Virgo females will always be a commanding force in our family and ones that will set the tone especially in the years to come. Now that Zoe is in the third grade, her personality and particular fondness and affinity for sports is shining brighter than it ever has. With our recent discovery of ivivva, an active wear brand by Lululemon, she truly feels the most comfortable getting ready for the day and being able to enjoy the feeling of dressing up in a way that also allows for physical activities. Of course, she loves to get dressed up in skirts and patent leather mary-jane flats on the days of the week that don’t directly involve sports, and she rejoices in glee when we take our mother-daughter shopping trips that almost always include visits to the nail salon. The other days that include P.E. in school and soccer, softball or gymnastics practices are when I see her spirt truly shine though, and she loves to dress the part for any occasion including activities. It’s particularly helpful when we find attire that bridges the gap in between.

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Particularly lately, Zoe has especially enjoyed dressing the part for whatever the day will bring. She loves spirit days at school that involve patriotic colors, twinning with a girlfriend, or donning a silly hair-do on Crazy Hair Day. As much compartmentalizing of her personal style and fashion that seems to take place every evening as she plans her outfit for the next day, I have noticed that the ivivva pieces that now dominate her preferred wardrobe allow for flexibility in that area (I understand of course, as I spend a lot of time in my own Lululemon clothes). She feels fully put together in brightly colored, comfortable layered pieces that include pants, skirts with built in shorts, cardigans that adapt easily to any outfit and tees and tank tops that allow for a day on the soccer field or sitting in class. As a parent, I’m moved and encouraged by the confidence that I see in her when she feels comfortable, confident, and completely able to tackle whatever her day might bring. As often as I’ve seen her come home and change immediately out of a dress or confining boots and into easy clothes that allow for running and constant, random cartwheels, I finally feel like she can experience the best of both worlds when she wears her Ivivva pieces.


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It is a blessing beyond any kind of language I could put into words having sons and daughters, and I feel the most fortunate when their happiness and confidence shine. There isn’t a greater priority as their parent than finding ways to allow their passion shine in the brightest way possible, and the truth is, clothing already plays a big part in that for my older kids. They are deliberate about how they want to look and feel, and for me and Zoe, the introduction of the versatility of the ivivva brand has allowed for so much of her true spirit to come through.

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