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We’re back in school now, and the weather is starting to be a little fickle. Fall is officially here now, and despite the random 100 degree days, there is a crispness in the air that visits us at night and in the mornings. We’re wearing long sleeves to bed with the windows cracked open, baking pumpkin muffins in the morning and watching football on the weekends. With sports games rampant on Saturday and Sundays, the dirty jerseys pile up on Sunday evenings, making sure Justin and I have our plate nice and full come Monday morning.

The most exciting thing about the change in seasons, for myself and my daughters, is our wardrobes. While our boys can, will and often insist upon wearing shorts every single day of the year, me and Zoe especially get excited about jeans, furry vests and knee-high boots. The kind of wardrobes that allow for some versatility in the finicky days, but also feel comfortable and cozy and fall-like. Evvie is just getting used to enjoying her clothes, but mostly has an obsession with shoes. She could spend all day changing her shoes, playing dress-up in Zoe’s shoes and in my closet, too. It’s completely entertaining and of course, I can’t blame her one bit as I share the same obsession. As quickly as their feet grow and the seasons change, it’s nice to have a place like Ross Dress For Less to pop into to find the latest name brand fall fashions at 20-60% off department store prices.

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Zoe is eight years old and very much aware of her own personal style and preferences for how she wants to look and feel. There are only a few days in the week that she’s not in sports of some kind, and she treats those days particularly special, laying her meticulously planned outfits out at night before the next day. She likes to be comfortable and yet have a little bit of flair (or some days, a lot of flair) at the same time. I’m particular about the brands that I spend money on and based on that criteria, also making sure I stick with the quality that I’m familiar with. Ross is the kind of store I can get often lost in, poking down different aisles and perusing through their pet and home goods.


Of all the different things that we enjoy about welcoming new seasons and activities into our lives, some of those are purely fueled by the different fun ways we can dress for the occasion. I like dressing and adorning our home in holiday themed goodies just as much as I appreciate the brisk cool day that calls for a nice, cozy pair of boots and hot chocolate. Mostly, the time spent with my girls, watching their eyes get wide with excitement over new pairs of shoes and dresses is fun, and being able to treat them to a few new things feels good, too. Shopping at Ross, I know I’m getting the quality I trust without paying full price.

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