Celebrating with our Furry Love

It sounds silly and obvious I’m sure, but when we adopted Theo at 7 weeks old, I had no idea that bringing home a puppy would be so much like bringing another child into the family. He was so young and likely fairly traumatized from the separation from his mother, litter and the process of making his way from the streets to the shelter. He needed to be nurtured, comforted and loved at all times-all of which were very easy things to provide for him, but I think I expected him to be slightly independent. In any case, we all welcomed him into our family and into our lives as though we had been expecting him our entire lives.

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Three years later, Theo is still-if not more so-one of the Shyba kids. He even regards himself as a human, expecting room on the couch during movie night, his dinner to be prepared and set out for him when we eat, and he refuses to ever sleep on the floor at any point of the day. These are things he’s come to expect because we happily set the precedent for him long ago.

Just like it is with our human children, it’s so much fun to prepare treats, gifts and stockings for him and our feline pets, too. He sits with us as we open gifts on birthdays and holidays and Christmas morning is no exception. Also reminiscent of our other children, Theo is very particular about the treats he likes, too: He won’t chew bones (he buries them instead), and there is a very short list of other goodies that he’ll actually enjoy that isn’t his normal daily food.  Pedigree® DENTASTIX™ Treats are always winners with both Theo and the rest of us, so we’re more than happy to stuff his stocking with them. They keep his breath super fresh, he likes the way they taste and that they’re easy to hold with two paws.

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As he gets older, he’s starting to develop signs of being a seasoned dog. The puppy-toes smell is gone along with his sweet puppy breath. We make sure to bathe him regularly, but often he really just smells like a dog! My nine year old is starting to reflect signs of aging past the child phases too, and it’s just something I’m going to have to reluctantly deal with. It’s important to all of us that Theo leads an active, happy life full of exercise and good things to eat that benefit his overall health. The Pedigree Dentastix dental treats freshen up his breath and clean his teeth, which makes it so much more delightful to snuggle up to Theo during movies, night time and mornings when we all have that super limited, special time together. Christmas and holidays are great times for us as a family to do these things, as we often have extra time off from school and work.

We’re pretty careful about when we give all of our kids treats so that they stay special and fun, but we feel good about giving Theo Pedigree® DENTASTIX™ Treats. Making sure that we’re spending time together and making sure that the fun things we get to eat also benefit us in some way are top priorities for our lives as a whole, and Pedigree® DENTASTIX™ Treats fit in nicely with our fur child and the times we have with him.

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