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Earlier this year, long before I became pregnant with our fifth child, I finally found an exercise routine that I was not only able to commit to but also excited about the process. For weeks I played with different times and days that I would carve out of my already impacted schedule in order to make time for myself and exercise routine. It helped that we had joined a new gym with a wonderful child care facility that I felt comfortable bringing the little ones to while my big two kids were in school. That seemed to be my biggest roadblock in my commitment, as I really needed a secure time and place that was fun for both Beau and Evvie so that I didn’t feel rushed or worried about them while I was gone, even somewhat briefly. My dedication to my own mental and physical health comes with a bunch of caveats, mostly surrounding the wellbeing of my children first.

This transformation process, starting with my commitment to myself, taught me a lot about prioritizing my own health. I could come up with a zillion and one reasons why taking that time during the day would somehow negatively impact my routine that otherwise strictly involves each of my children and our family needs. This uphill internal battle was the most important part of my transformation process, because I eventually taught myself that my own health directly impacted their quality of life as well as my own. The daily dedication to making sure that I was at the gym, in the pool and swimming for nearly an hour became not only a luxury but a necessity for my mental and physical health. I found strength I didn’t know I had, an inner core ability that revealed itself in my endurance, my energy level throughout the day and my stamina and patience with daily tasks and parenting needs.

Conversely, I also began to notice deterioration in the health of my skin throughout the daily exposure to chlorine. My arms and legs, knees and elbows and hands especially became tight, dry and scaly. Clothing became itchy and sensitive to touch and move around in, and even my kids began to notice and comment on the appearance of white, flaky areas on my arms and legs. These irritating effects of my exercise routine began to present themselves as a deterrent for spending time in the pool, and that wasn’t something I was willing to compromise so I looked for, and found, the perfect solution in Curel Hydra Therapy wet skin moisturizer.



Once incorporated into my daily routine, I learned to keep a bottle in my shower at home and one in my gym bag. Because Curel Hydra Therapy works to seal in moisture and work effectively to combat dryness by being applied just after showering, it was an easy integration into my routine. I never left the gym without showering, and therefore I never walked away from the moisture-stripping chlorine water without immediately replenishing that hydration in my skin when I showered directly after my workout. I noticed a change in my skin immediately, and the sense of relief I felt in successfully finding a product that treats my chronic dry skin, was immeasurable. I was so worried that dry-skin ailment would permanently, negatively impact my otherwise successful workout regimen that I’d worked so hard to lock down.


The Curel Hydra Therapy lotion made a huge difference in my confidence surrounding my swim routine as well as my everyday life walking around comfortably in my own skin, even after the first time I used it. I was able to turn this experience into a conversation with my children about self care as they also noticed when the funny looking dry spots on my skin vanished and went back to normal immediately. Not only was my new exercise routine a turning point in my mental and physical health, but being able to combat my dry skin with the Curel Hydra Therapy was a saving grace in making sure that I maintained my overall health, too.

I have partnered with Curél to share how I break the rules of dry skin. Please visit here to learn more about Curél Hydra Therapy and how you can end dry skin for good.


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