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Download the WeeSchool App here by June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to all premium WeeSchool content and features.

Jack, my oldest, is a thinker. He has always been quiet and somewhat of a mystery, never really being terribly chatty or emotive whatsoever. So, when he asked me to unearth his baby book one day after his baby sister was born, I panicked. I filled out precisely three pages of his baby book and pages of Zoe’s. Beau and Evangeline don’t even have baby books, so I knew once I pulled his out, the others would ask for theirs. It might be one of my greatest regrets in this parenting journey, not filling out those darn baby books.


This time, it’ll be different. I’ve said that with each of my children when they were born, and this time I really mean it. I was recently introduced to the app WeeSchool that not only tracks developmental milestones, but has a play-based curriculum for children up to age three and even photo journaling capabilities. Basically, everything that I keep in a mess on my phone is now organized and neatly displayed and accessible within this wonderful app. Demi is four weeks old now, and I’ve kept the dates of her first smiles and well check stats in my “notes” folder, along with Beau and Evvie’s, too. The WeeSchool App is available here through June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to Premium content and features.

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WeeSchool is more than milestones. On top of tracking your (first or fifth!) baby’s development through 117 key milestones and Play Plans, there are ebooks, soundscapes and tunes to support bath time and bedtime routines. The WeeSchool Toy Store recommends the only 43 toys your child needs from birth to age three (most are wooden, and all are affordable and some that we already have in our home).

Maybe it’s because Demi is my fifth child and I know how quickly the milestones come and go  (and how easy it is to forget to mark the occasion), but I’ve been incredibly diligent about not only noticing her changes but recording them, too. In addition to the 3,000 new photos I have on the phone since she’s arrived, I have her first smiles and doctor’s stats nicely locked in to the WeeSchool App, where the photos are automatically filed to be shared or exported. I’m also particularly fond of the Play Plan technology that acts as a great guidance tool for age based activities to do with her until she’s three. The app also recommends age and stage appropriate songs, toys and other parenting tools, many of which I find myself eager to learn more about and sometimes even purchase.

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Demi is obviously a genius (wink) and is meeting all of her milestones early or at least on time, and she’s just a delight to be around. Her older brothers and sisters think she’s just remarkable, too, and they love using this app with her, too. In fact, Jack is much better at using most technology than I am, but he particularly enjoys being a part of chronicling Demi’s moments and being a part of her daily life. I’m really thankful to finally have a tool in my life that makes one of the trickiest parts of parenthood that much easier for me.

Download the WeeSchool App here by June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to all premium WeeSchool content and features.





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