Nourishing My Body, Mind and Spirit

We try to spend as much time outside as possible. We’re lucky because we live in California and we can spend most of our time outside year round. The activities range from snowboarding and skiing in the winter to lifeguard camps, softball, baseball, soccer and even hiking in the hills around our home during the summer. We can spend time with the kids teaching them to use their bodies to their full potential and have fun with each other at the same time.

While I love spending my every waking moment with my children, there are definitely times that I need to maximize time alone. My workouts have included everything from hiking with Demi and Theo to swimming laps several times a week. My body feels great but I can tell my skin is not only susceptible to damage from the sun but my hair is visibly dry and strained from the effects of the chlorine in the pool as well. The factors alone from living an active lifestyle outdoors with my children means I have really little to no time for personal maintenance like deep conditioning treatments, facials or massages. The frequent washing and chlorine have begun to wreak havoc on my hair that is already treated and processed a few times a year. It’s imperative that I use products that not only condition my hair, but protect it from the external elements as well. Dove’s Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are blended to stop 90% of damage before it even starts, which means it was the perfect time for me to start using it, just as I’d expected the health of my hair to have deteriorated.  I’ve noticed a difference in my hair since I began washing with Dove Intensive Repair, and I’ve also noticed a difference in my attitude as I’m not worried about the wear and tear and can easily and happily swim and hike without reservation.

It took a couple months before I felt comfortable and strong enough to begin working out again after Demi was born. I made every excuse under the sun for not scheduling workouts, starting with worrying that I wasn’t ready physically to begin training. But, if my body was strong enough to deliver this baby then surely it was strong enough to get out and exercise a little bit after 6 weeks. The excuses gradually turned into anxiety over not working out and therefore not feeling strong and healthy. Now my excuses can’t easily turn to the damage I’m seeing in my hair and my skin from being outdoors and being active every day of the week. Dove’s Intensive Repair features three innovative technologies – Silicione-Polymers, Keratin Repair Actives and Microsheet Structured Conditioners that are blended together to not only repair damaged hair, but also fortify the hair fiber from within. I feel prepared and confident in my ability to work out and not worry about my hair being damaged as a result.

The truth is my body, mind and spirit all need the movement and life that comes with being outdoors and being active I feel better I feel more confident and I feel happier. I find that if I’m using products in my hair and on my skin when I’m headed outdoors for a couple hours or into the pool I feel like nothing can stop me. I have no reason or deterrent to keep myself from being as healthy as I possibly can. Dove’s Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner not only restore health to my hair but also protect it when I’m out taking care of myself my life and my children.

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