Back To School: A Space For Success

We officially have big kids and if I’m honest, I wasn’t really prepared for this season of life. Jack is ten (TEN!) and Zoe is nearly nine years old. They’re nearing the end of their elementary careers, and with that comes a lot of new responsibilities and even their fair share of new anxieties.

Socially, they are both really comfortable and happy in their environments. Jack is less than organized, but is an excellent student who aims for straight A’s and challenges himself academically. Zoe is super organized, my Virgo daughter who color coordinates her books and labels her clothing drawers. She is excited about school and takes it very seriously, but it can fall lower on the priority list than either of us would like. Gearing up to go back to school is a lot of fun for all of us, and this year we were determined to help them perform their best and have the most fun, too. We went to Big Lots to buy a few new pieces of furniture to build them a serious homework corner, and we ended up with a space that we all love.

The homework corner was built to fill their specific and individual needs, while creating a safe zone-a place that they know they can go and they won’t be bothered by parents or siblings (that is the plan, anyway). We chose the Parson’s Desk, Ladder Bookcase, upholstered chair and the two storage cubby with bins, all of which met our price point and aesthetic for the room while being completely functional for the purposes we were aiming for. The bookshelf has plenty of shelving to hold their own current libraries, and when stacked together, all three pieces don’t take up all that much room. I made them each Homework Boxes full of pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, calculators, device chargers and rulers-all of which I found at Big Lots. They fit nicely amongst their folders and composition books within their respective bins next to the desk, and will be able to find what they need when they sit down to work. The Parson’s Desk has USB ports that allow devices to be charged, and a slim drawer for holding extra pens and post-it notes when they need them. The grey upholstered chair is comfy and welcoming and fits the look of the rest of the room well.

We’re excited about heading back to school, and I am learning more and more how to give them the tools that set them up for success in the best way possible. I take their educations seriously, and want them to do the same. Giving them a space dedicated to learning-that isn’t in their rooms full of distractions-feels like an important step, one that I was easily and inexpensively able to do at Big Lots! We feel prepared and excited for what’s to come.

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