It Takes a Village: Introducing Bottles to Demi

Justin and I garner the same reactions every time we’re out in public with the kids. If we’re alone or together with four or five of them at any given time (which is frequently, of course), people tend to remark on how Justin has his hands full – it’s the same comment, all the time.

Yes, we have our hands, arms, calendars, lives, and hearts, full to the brim. We’ve slowly added to our family over the course of 10 years, and with the constant adjustments comes constant acceptance of the newness of the kids’ various stages of life. We accept our new roles as mother, father, wrangler, mediator, and adjust our lives accordingly. As parents and partners, our schedules and roles within the family have changed, sometimes drastically, but never have we been more equal in time and dedication as we are now. Demi is six months old now, and I am able to be away from her for more than two hours, thanks to early introduction to the Chicco NaturalFit glass bottles, which she took perfectly well from the very beginning. As the truly effective team, Justin and I are able to pick up where the other left off nearly seamlessly, and while it’s only recent that I’ve been able to head to work functions, events and meetings, Justin is comfortable and ready to take the reins whenever possible.

I have exclusively breastfed all of my babies until at least six months of age, and for around a year in length – give or take – for each. I was working while Jack was in daycare at a young age, so we learned to begin the introduction to bottles early. Part of that process means that I need to be out of the room at the very least, and Justin feeds her breastmilk from the bottle. This is one of his favorite times with his babies, the moment when he can show them that daddy can feed them, too. It’s a bonding experience unlike any other for him, and it’s crucial that we have bottles that mimic the breastfeeding process, as much as possible, so that this introduction and transition is as seamless as it can be. We’ve tried many bottles on the market today and have been so happy with the Chicco NaturalFit glass option, as there are a couple of different designs, nipple flows, and grip options available. The silicone grip with the angled nipple option is the perfect design for also allowing big sisters and brothers to feed Demi. Our family meets milestones and remains incredibly close by including everyone in as many moments and stages as possible.

As the patriarch of our family, Justin fills as many roles as possible. He’s a provider, a protector, a nurturer and a playmate – not to mention our family dentist, too! It’s critical for us that our family is raised in such a way that our children understand that women and men share all duties. He makes dinner and gives Demi a bottle, while helping to potty-train Evvie and reading books to the big kids. Whether I am away working or simply at home tending to other kids, Justin cares for Demi just as I would, and I am so grateful that we have a system that we trust, and bottles that Demi loves. The Chicco NaturalFit bottles are the perfect addition to our family, and we are all grateful to be a part of this beautiful bonding process with Demi.

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