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Whenever I mention to someone that I have five children, the response is usually that of shock and awe. It’s not really my generation’s thing to have more than 3 children, at least in the area that we live. I try to explain that our experiences as parents are all relative, that we have the same joys and concerns, trials and tribulations.

When my first two children were babies, I worried a lot. I spent a lot of energy pining over everyday parenting decisions like splurging on organic food, what kinds of cleaning products to use around the house and whether or not I should be using cloth diapers. After years of making sure I did everything right, we learned that Jack was severely allergic to tree nuts. No matter how many children or years of parenting experience I have, nothing I can do diminishes the fear that we live with and the work that I put into managing his food allergies and our overall health as a family.

Over the past eight years of living with Jack’s allergy to tree nuts and heightened sensitivity to certain raw vegetables, I’ve dedicated myself in many ways to being an advocate for him and learning as much as I can to reduce the risk of developing food allergies with my younger children. A lot of research has been done surrounding the growing problem of food allergies in children. Nearly 6 million in the United States alone are affected-that’s 2 kids per classroom. Learning more about food allergies and how to manage them has been a personal investment for our entire family, so I was incredibly honored to partner with Before Brands on the launch of their new product, SpoonfulOne.

Developed by a pediatrician, allergist and fellow mother of five, SpoonfulOne Daily Food Mix-In is a daily dietary supplement comprised of gentle portions of the foods responsible for 90% of allergies. Sourced from real food – including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish and sesame – SpoonfulOne is designed to help a child’s body get to know and stay accustomed to a wide variety of potential food allergens. The fine texture and mild taste make it easy to simply incorporate the packet into everyday food portions-Evvie loves the process of dumping and mixing the “magic potion” into her yogurt and Demi is just happy to be eating, period.

Being as deliberate as I possibly can about making sure my children are as happy and healthy as possible is my ultimate goal, and I feel armed with a wealth of tools and information for steering my non-food allergic children towards immunity against many food allergens. SpoonfulOne is designed to be introduced to children without known food allergies when they begin eating solid foods, as science and research has shown that the “early and consistent” approach to including potential allergens in a child’s diet is proven safe and may be beneficial.

As a mother there is nothing I strive for more than to see my children grow to be healthy and well-adjusted adults. If I can begin to address the fear and stress of potential allergies before they begin, I am all for it. I am a passionate believer in the benefits of science and research, and I am so proud to be partnering with SpoonfulOne. I can’t wait to share more about our journey with it.


I am thrilled to be able to offer a one year subscription for SpoonfulOne to one of you! To enter, follow the prompts. Good luck!

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This post was sponsored by SpoonfulOne, all opinions are my own.

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