Kindness Matters Most

It took awhile for us to narrow our family motto, the single core value that not only brings us together as a family but also connects and bonds us to our pets, our peers and acquaintances and even strangers. There are a lot of things that we treasure as a family, but kindness truly trumps the rest and encompasses everything. The most genuine values are the least fussy and the most effective.

We preach kindness, whether it comes to animals and pets or the opposing teams during sports and even friends at school that don’t always act with love in their hearts. It is an honor to partner with iconic oral care brand (and Shyba Family staple) Crest as they team up with the movie WONDER, in theaters November 17th, to establish smiles as a universal act of kindness.

If there’s one thing that I promote with my family, in my own everyday life, and even on social media-kindness is truly one of the most important things you can practice. I have been deliberate about making sure to smile at people everywhere I go, and it’s pretty remarkable how much of a difference it makes in my own life, but also as I see the positive gestures spreading.

The new movie Wonder-in theaters November 17th– tells a beautiful story, but most importantly it’s message is about diversity and inclusion, both of which begin with understanding, kindness, and smiles. In order to help create a kinder world, Crest invites you to join their powerful new campaign to amplify the power of smiles. Let’s join forces to #ChooseSmiles & #ChooseKind every day.

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