House of Shyba: Decking The Halls

This blog post is written in partnership with and sponsored by Big Lots.

Often I find that the anticipation of an event, a trip, or a major holiday is the most stressful part of the entire experience. As my family grows, this kind of anxiety also seems to multiply given the situation or season. There’s a lot to remember and plan, and though I sincerely love and enjoy these different layers of having a bunch of children, the reality is it can be challenging to compartmentalize.

There is so much joy that goes into Christmas Time for our family. We bake cookies and prepare meals together in the kitchen, practice for the church pageant, prepare for the town holiday parade and create homemade cards for each other. One of the most exciting things we do as a family though, is decorate our home for Christmas. Through my previous partnership with Big Lots, I found out that they offer all kinds of deals and stock tons of holiday décor at great prices, so we headed there to find a few new things to spruce up the place.

During our four years of apartment life in New York City, we used the same artificial Christmas tree every year. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss having it until now, and looking through the gorgeous and affordable selection of artificial Christmas trees at Big Lots was a great reminder! I picked up a flocked holiday wreath, two flocked pre-lit trees in urns and a flocked, pre-lit lamppost and a ton of LED lights for the outside of our home. It’s just as fun for the kids to decorate the outside of the house as it is to do the inside, so this was an extra special outing for them.

The pre-lit, 7.5 foot Christmas tree plus sweet ornaments and garlands that I found for the interior are lovely and lifelike as well. The ease of setting up these things plus the low price made it a positive experience all the way around. I am so happy with the selection and quality of the holiday decor items I found at Big Lots, and I will most certainly go back next year!


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