Managing the Mess

Some days our busy life, full of many moving parts, feels like a well-oiled machine. Those days are few and far between, but they do happen and I make sure to take mental note of that wonderful feeling. Most days Justin and I are so busy tending to various different things for various different children that we are honestly two ships passing in the night.

There is a method to conquering the madness, though, and it begins with making sure our work place is clean and tidy. Our work space is of course, our home. Children and dogs spend time in each and every room in the house, so there are generally messes in every corner. It’s absolutely crucial that we maintain a level of organized chaos in our deepest sanctuary, and we’ve found several ways to make sure that happens on a daily basis. There is basic picking up of toys and clutter created by adults, kids, cats and dogs and then there is the removal of the top layer of funk, dirt and pet hair. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum is incredibly helpful in maintaining that last part, by being both a powerful upright vacuum that also includes the cleaning convenience of a lightweight, easy-release portable vacuum.

Theo and Josie, our rescue dogs, as well as Charlie and Gus, our cats, are allowed on all of the furniture. Our living room couch and armchair are almost always taken by humans, but when they aren’t, the pets seem to like resting there the most. The Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off is safe for use on carpet, hard floors, and upholstery, and truly makes cleaning up pet hair, dirt, dander and odors easier. While these might not be my favorite tasks, both Justin and I make time to clean these areas, so it’s especially handy to have a tool that makes the chore easy! Some of our favorite features include: The Detachable, portable canister that cleans the tighter, harder to reach areas, the Hands-Free Empty canister that features a cyclonic spooling system so the hair and dirt drops easily into the trash, and the Edge-to-edge Suction and SuctionChannel Technology™ that creates a direct suction path to maximize pet hair pick up.

We try to keep our clean-up times to 20 minute increments, several times a day. Our big kids also like to get involved with these types of chores when it means they get to use the fancy vacuum, and it’s lightweight enough to actually be effective when they do. Maintaining a tidy living space sometimes feels like a futile effort, but with an organized system and tools like the The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum, it’s much more manageable.

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