Well Equipped: Multitasking During the Holidays

As Californians who spent four winter seasons on the East Coast—still relatively recently—you would think that we’d be prepared for cold weather, or at least less whiney about it when the temps dip into the forties! The truth is, we are never prepared when it gets vaguely chilly here in the Bay Area, but we manage to scramble and layer-up pretty quickly and effectively!

No matter the weather, our family spends much of our time outdoors. We open the garage, bundle up and take the dogs for walks or shoot hoops in the driveway. There is constant foot traffic around our home and through the house with wall-to-wall wooden floors, and we happen to have a no-shoe policy indoors. For Justin and I, we like to keep our feet warm and protected with Isotoner’s 360° Surround Comfort slippers. They’re super soft and cozy, but also incredibly functional as they have 360 degrees of foot hugging memory foam so the tops and sides feel supported and protected. They are indoor-outdoor compatible, so even though I won’t be hiking in them, we can take the dogs to use the potty and still stay warm and dry!



Our home is a constantly rotating wheel of moving parts. When one child is napping, the other is coming home from preschool or heading to basketball camp, or entertaining a play date. The dogs are also a top priority, so when one is outside playing fetch, the other one is cozy and napping with one of his babies (and vice-versa). Shoes are something that I probably think of at the very last moment, so it’s crucial that the footwear is reliable. The Isotoner 360° Surround Comfort slippers are not only super comfortable but they also keep our feet warm and dry when we’re outside picking up toys or making sure the pets are taken care of. They’re a really perfect gift for nearly anyone, and I’ll be sure to grab a few pairs for my family members and momma-friends, too! A great pair of slippers is something I never remember to buy myself but always so thrilled to have, and I’m thrilled to have found a pair that suits our lifestyle so well.



Shop these styles on Isotoner.com!


Justin’s (http://bit.ly/2AGeKzc)

Mine (http://bit.ly/2AKKHq7)


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