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Jessica Shyba

August 28th, 2014

August 29, 2014

Jack started his second day of second grade today. It was a long and lovely, somewhat unstructured summer during which he appears to have grown about a foot. His hair went from brown to blonde from long days at the beach and afternoons playing basketball in the street with his buddies. He’s getting more complex […]

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EveryDay Moments with Beau

August 28, 2014

My weeks with Beau in the morning are coming to a close. Pretty soon, he’ll be starting at a school of his very own, a play-based preschool just up the road from us. His days will be somewhat short, but he’s so incredibly excited to be a “big kid” just like his brother and sister […]

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Staying on: Constantly Connected

August 25, 2014

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. I love that it basically helps or assists me in some way throughout every single day of my life, but I sort of hate the fact that there’s a bit of dependency for that reason, too. There are very few days or times […]

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Momma Loves: A Big Week of Favorites

August 22, 2014

This has been a full week of total life immersion. I’ve been in and out of my OB’s office which means any and all preparation for baby and nesting like a crazy lady. While Baby Shyba’s due date isn’t until the 11th, things are looking and feeling like our new babe may just arrive early. […]

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From Playground to Preschool: Plus a Mini Boden Giveaway

August 20, 2014

I have a hard time sending my kids to school for the day. When Jack and Zoe were two, we enrolled them in a twos program at our local Y in New York City; It was only two hours a day for twice a week and there was parent participation involved, so I was able […]

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Our Blueprint: Eight Years

August 18, 2014

For the past six months, Justin (and basically everyone in our immediate family) have been asking me for prints of the photos I take of the kids. There’s a million and one excuses, but I just haven’t done it. I haven’t, until recently, found a service that I like well enough to order prints through […]

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Sweet Memories from Turks & Caicos

August 15, 2014

When Justin and I went on vacation, I thought surely all we would do was talk about the kids and miss them. That is, in fact, how we spend our date nights which are few and far between-something that we’re working on making more frequent. We are usually too tired or feeling like we just […]

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Momma Loves: New Style Series

August 14, 2014

So shopping is a thing for me. It’s probably pretty evident that I enjoy looking around for different, wonderful things for my kids and my home. It’s a bit of a creative outlet for me-not the spending part, but the actual searching and finding beautiful and unique things for my children to wear and do […]

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Love, Life and Corn Dogs

August 12, 2014

The days surrounding the birth of a new baby have, in the past, been somewhat foggy. Newborn haze is one thing; The atmosphere feels like it’s literally dripping with newness, pink with love and awe. I remember bits and pieces of the days following the births, but it’s the ones leading up to them that […]

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Sweet (and urgent) Nesting Moments

August 11, 2014

For thirty-six weeks, this baby has been growing within me. I find pregnancy to be the wildest journey, albeit paling in comparison to its next stage of full-blown parenting. The midwife I saw recently seemed slightly concerned that I might go into labor early given the amount of contractions I’ve been having, and I would […]

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