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Jessica Shyba

Healthy Lifestyles, Coast to Coast

November 20, 2014

Growing up in the Bay Area, we have had ample access to everything that California is known for: Nature, beautiful weather, and amazing produce. Many of our most successful restaurants boast farm to table cuisines, and the farmer’s markets are practically bursting with some of the most wonderful fruits and vegetables. One of our favorite […]

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Little Sister

November 18, 2014

10 weeks is such a sweet spot. Evangeline is really coming into her own lately, and each day I’m emerging more from that newborn fade. I want to gush all over the place. She is a joy. She’s already so opinionated, sensitive, hilarious, remarkable, feisty. Maybe it’s because she’s my fourth, but every day I […]

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Rhythm and Water

November 17, 2014

For whatever reason, Justin and I have lived near water together throughout our marriage. The two of us grew up about 20 minutes south of where we live in Santa Cruz, and spent some of our most formative years playing in the same sand that our children do now. When he was accepted to dental […]

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Memories and Milk Mustaches

November 14, 2014

One of the stories that I hear frequently from my husband’s parents tells of a very young Justin getting up by himself in the morning, pouring himself a bowl of Cheerios and milk and turning on the giant television before anyone else is awake. I love the story more each time they tell it, because […]

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Reestablishing the Village

November 13, 2014

Last year around this time, I was in Guatemala. The families we visited had nothing but each other. The chickens ran through their dirt floored living rooms where the children played, huge smiles spread wide across their little faces. The women, draped in long skirts, wraps in their hair, dirty aprons tied around them tight, […]

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The Evolution of a Guilty Pleasure

November 12, 2014

I studied art in college, primarily. Growing up, it was clear to me that my outlet was creative expression; In high school I excelled in painting, drawing and ceramics. I played the violin in the orchestra and guitar in a couple of girl bands, wearing clothing creatively thrifted from local second hand stores or even […]

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Childhood Kaleidoscope

November 12, 2014

Evvie and I got home from Toronto late Saturday night after a long day of travel. I was emotionally and physically haggard, despite the wonderfully successful trip. The sunrises over the ocean have been glorious since the beginning of fall, and we awoke Sunday morning to the promise of sunshine and 73 degrees. I needed […]

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Staying Connected Through the Holidays

November 10, 2014

I probably would have never learned to roast a turkey if it hadn’t been for our move to New York City. It’s one of those things that I learned as a parent from being away from my mother, but the rather simple act of preparing Thanksgiving dinner was significantly more of a rite of passage […]

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International, Baby

November 9, 2014

Evvie and I got back late last night from a very quick and amazing trip to Toronto. I had been anticipating this trip for a couple of weeks, Justin and I even went to San Francisco to order Evvie a rush passport just so we’d be able to travel together in time. I was fairly […]

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Toying with New Concepts

November 7, 2014

Growing up, I had a few very special dolls that I never let out of my sight. I also had a box of Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Ponys that I played with until their hair was matted and their clothes tattered. I loved wearing dresses with lace, especially the kind […]

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