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Polarn O. Pyret + thredUP, Repurposing in Style

April 22, 2014

I love living in an actual house as opposed to the five of us (and all of our things) being crammed into a teeny two-bedroom apartment. There are so many perks to having more space, but of course with that extra space comes more STUFF to put in it. Living in smaller quarters forced Justin […]

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Easter at Home

April 22, 2014

This Easter was the first one in five years that we’ve spent with our family in California. It was the clearest reminder of why we are living where we are and how important it is to be around people that love and care about us. Part of me longing for the past years watching them […]

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Land of Nod: Jack & Beau’s Room Reveal

April 19, 2014

Our move from NYC to California was a really big deal and life changing in so many ways. We transitioned during a very poignant time during our children’s lives, even more so than we knew at the time. Jack was entering the first grade and Zoe started completely anew in elementary school, while Beau was […]

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Honestly Potty Training: A Brave New World

April 18, 2014

An amazing thing about documenting my children-specifically my baby and puppy-every day is I get see how they have grown so incredibly rapidly. Normally, I feel as though they just happen to wake up looking older and wiser than they did the night before. Theo and Beau have a really large audience now, and many […]

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The Evolution of Theo and Beau

April 16, 2014

When Theo came home with us, he wasn’t afraid. I was so worried that he would feel completely displaced from his siblings and everything familiar to him, but I quickly realized that the journey he had already been through during his short 7 weeks of life was much more hectic than adjusting to our home […]

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Sweet, Simple and Organic: Gifting with Apple Park

April 8, 2014

Perhaps it’s the number of years that I’ve been parenting, or maybe it’s the number of children that I have that have ultimately made me increasingly more opinionated across the board. I suspect that this is something that comes with age as well, and I am embracing it with the fervor of the buying power […]

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Back to NYC, Back to Me, Back to my Belabumbum

April 7, 2014

My first trip to New York City after our move to Santa Cruz in August was in late February this year. I was so anxious to stand amongst the towers of endless buildings and see if I felt any different than I did when we lived there. Secretly, I was hoping that the magic, mystique […]

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Splendidly Simplifying with Polarn O. Pyret

March 25, 2014

As I’m watching my big kids get bigger and older, their lives are also changing rapidly. We’ve phased into this space of doing nightly homework, reading chapter books, and making our way to and from sports games, practices and twice weekly swimming lessons. Jack wants to be outdoors shooting hoops or riding his bike with […]

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Getting Dolled up with Melijoe

March 19, 2014

Every morning at our house starts out the same: Jack wakes up and races into our room to let us know that he is going downstairs to watch a show. Zoe trickles in later fully dressed to say good morning and starts into a story about her dreams or what was going to happen at […]

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Into the Belly of 2014

March 18, 2014

The response we received from our announcement that we are expecting a new baby later this summer was completely heartwarming. I am consistently touched and surprised by the love that we are receiving on a daily basis from so many people from all over. It is always humbling. We’ve read each and every one of […]

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