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Bay Area

Fighting for Firsts and a Shot at Life

August 29, 2014

The introduction to preschool has brought many firsts for our family. We found out rather last minute that we’d be moving across the country, so the spot on the waiting list at the preschool in the Bay Area that I had reserved for Jack was devastatingly relinquished. We moved to New York City the the […]

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A Lovely Day

May 13, 2014

I’ve been really fortunate, in my opinion, that I haven’t necessarily had to work for the last five or so years since Zoe was born. Before Justin was accepted into Dental School, I was working as a manager at a boutique and was able to have Jack at the store with me while he was […]

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The Land of Nod rolls into our Mailbox and our Neighborhood

May 12, 2014

Some of you may have noticed in your mail delivery today a sweet little visit from out sweet little napping duo, Theo and Beau. A couple of months back, during the Land of Nod & Project Nursery re-design of the boy’s room the awesome team over at the Land of Nod asked me to shoot […]

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“I and Love and You”

December 19, 2013

A lot has happened since our our adoption story and the photos of Theo and Beau napping went viral. It’s hard to fathom the scope of the reach of these photos, but based on the lovely messages I continue to receive, there are a lot of sympathetic hearts out there. Our rescue journey began nearly […]

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Make Time to Play

December 14, 2013

Like any seasoned, spoiled Californian, I’ve caught myself cursing the gorgeous weather more than once. A terrific snowstorm is currently engulfing my Manhattan and there is a part of me that is longing desperately to be there to see it. Christmas feels more Christmassy when there’s a chill in the air, and better yet snow […]

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F i v e

September 30, 2013

I got back from my trip to Guatemala just in time to prepare for and celebrate Zoe’s fifth birthday. Maybe it was the perspective that I gained aboad, or perhaps it’s just that there’s something about F I V E that makes me extra sentimental. I felt the same way when Jack turned five and […]

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Moments in Santa Cruz

August 6, 2013

Life in Santa Cruz is much different than life in Manhattan. In fact, one of the only ways that it’s similar happens to be one of my favorite things about NYC: The people. Minus, of course, the always-moving mentality and attitudes. There are a lot of artsy and eclectic types here in this cozy, super […]

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Anchors Away

July 28, 2013

I don’t compartmentalize well, in my mind or tangibly. Everything moves along together down the stream and I travel with it, keeping the flow as well as I can. The last month has proven rather difficult for me to follow the rhythm and tide of the hours and days, but I’ve remained afloat and even […]

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The Final Chapter

May 8, 2013

My mother told me when we were embarking upon Dental School and New York City that this journey in our life would really only be a blip in time, retrospectively. A small star in the galaxy of our days in this life. At the time, it was a bit of a coping mechanism; Four years […]

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NYC Made Me a Better Parent

July 13, 2012

It was nearly three years ago exactly that we were preparing to move our family to New York City. I remember how I felt about leaving our cozy little town chalk full of family and support network. It wasn’t exactly terror, it wasn’t even completely fearful. Anticipation and uncertainty flooded every single pore and molecule […]

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