Freedom Ride

The summer months bring a whole new current into our lives and system as a family. Justin keeps his normal schedule and mine fluctuates, ebbing and flowing amongst the demands of Jack, Zoe and Beau’s schedules. Pancakes as often as possible are a personal priority,...


Outdoor Resources

One of the beautiful parts about my relationship with my husband is that we really don’t have all that much in common. The important things are alike of course, our hearts, beliefs and priorities are in line but when it comes to simple logistics and...


The Adventures of Togetherness

Scrolling through Facebook this morning while I nursed Evvie, a couple things showed up in my feed more than once: A new report on the likelihood of an earthquake hitting California and a study on the median income rates needed to live in certain cities...


Family Travel: Dabbling in the Details

When I was little, during the summers my sister and I would go back home to visit our dad and family in Ohio. We’d spend the summers catching fireflies and swimming and playing from dawn until dusk with our cousins, and on occasion we’d take...


Sun, Sand, and Swim

Jack and Zoe were a little late in the game learning how to swim. We trekked in the snow to lessons at our local Y in NYC, and we tried personal lessons at our pool in the building complex where we lived. Swimming probably felt...


Wild Terrain

This time of year often feels like it comes barreling at me through the closed brown doors, staring me down in a intense, saucer-eyed. steel-glazed stare like the crazed bird in a cuckoo clock. It's time, he says. It's nearly spring and this season is...


A Common Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (hi, tomorrow), I sat down with the kids to do 50 Valentines with them for their classes today. Jack simply signed his name, while Zoe made intricate puppies and kitties complete with paws and goggly eyes for all 22...


Simplifying for Family Time

This post is sponsored by Target Subscriptions - everyday essentials delivered on the schedule you set.   Monday, January 5th at 7:28 AM, and we're about 18 minutes into our first day back to the regular elementary, preschool and work routines. The kids are eating the last three bananas with the last three...


Magical Childhood Memories

During our four years in New York City, one of my favorite stories from our life there happens to be one of the things that bothered me incredibly when we were actually living it. Each year at Christmas time, we'd shuffle around the boxes from...


A Rainy, Lovely Holiday

For as long as I can remember, I've loved Halloween. The turning of the seasons during the first couple weeks of October, even in California, are some of the most lovely of the year. I think of family, warm delicious meals and cozy evenings bundled...


Momma Loves: Ana Schechter

When I was a little girl, I loved my teddy named Bobby and he came everywhere with me. As a pre-teen I cherished my Caboodle and coveted the makeup and nail polish that would fill it. As a teenager I was obsessed my guitar and...



There are so many layers to our days, most of which get discarded like tear sheets floating to the floor in the room that holds the master drawing board. Moments that I should be enjoying and building upon end up crumpled and pitched into the...

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