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Holiday Guide 2012

It's still sort of stupefying that it's this time of year already (I mean, wasn't it JUST Halloween?), although I couldn't be happier about it. Living in New York City during the holiday time is one of the most wonderful things I have ever experienced,...


Baby Shower Gift Guide: HUGE Bonus Giveaway!

This week has been so incredible in SO many ways. I'm thrilled to be able to not only highlight some of my favorite products, but also to be able to give them away to you guys. And then yesterday, something really neat happened: I couldn't be happier...


Baby Shower Gift Guide Day 5: For Momma

One thing that many of us tend to overlook when we are pregnant is ourselves-especially when there are other children running around. It is so crucial to make sure that we not only take care of our bodies, but take care of our minds as...


Baby Shower Gift Guide: Day 4, Nursery

Well, we paused the Baby Shower Gift Guide to celebrate the arrival of a certain beauiful boy. Introducing Day 4: All Things Nursery! Day 5 will be up on Monday morning. All deadlines for entry will still be on Friday, December 16th. Maclaren: David Netto Nursery Designed...


Baby Shower Gift Guide: Day 2, GEAR

You all know by now that I've had a bit of a fixation on strollers since moving to New York City with two little children. I've documented my Stroller Obsession thoroughly in my quest to find the "perfect" stroller-for city life or otherwise, and ultimately...


Baby Shower Gift Guide: Day 1

As you know, I'm rapidly closing in on my due date with our third baby. They say that subsequent babies don't traditionally get baby showers, but I personally think that every baby deserves a celebration of some sort. I didn't want anyone to actually throw...


Momma’s Gone Gifty: Day 3

Today marks the third and final day of my three days of gifting. Corolle has since stepped in and offered a doll from their Les Classiques line (details to come-the doll will be included in Day 2's giveaway), and Laura of Super Glue Mom has offered...


Momma’s Gone Gifty: Day 2

These days before Christmas are absolutely flying by. Remembering every little thing is not easy, especially when you have two little ones to think of. I didn't remember to buy stocking stuffers until today. That said, I love shopping for my children, so I was...


Momma’s Gone Gifty: Day 1

Last year, I really wanted to do a gift guide but just couldn't pull it together. Obviously, I'm running a little late on this one as well but I had to go forward with it. I absolutely love gifting things to people. Every year, I am...