In Harmony and Chaos

We’re creeping (ok running) right into the season of giving. First we’ll sit around the dinner table and give thanks for the many, many wonderful things that our family has been so fortunate with, and then in the weeks to come we’ll give special things...


Living Vibrantly

Not so many years ago, we relied on our legs and our strong bodies for getting around. We’d ride scooters, bikes and mostly walked on the soles of our trusty feet to get us from home to preschool to the pediatrician, to soccer practice and...


Welcome Home

Bringing Theo home for the first time was a lot like bring Beau home from the hospital. I went into both situations pretty naive, expecting to be able to cruise into each new experience fully armed with plenty of life knowledge. I had had two...


Opening the Conversation

I was talking to some friends the other night about the cross-country flights I used to take when the kids were babies, about how they’d get so carsick on the way to the airport and then we’d be left soggy and stinky before we even...


Playful Spaces

I used to really love big changes before I had kids. Starting new jobs, changing my hair, living in various different cities, going on last minute trips. It was all very exciting and it felt like true freedom to me. I still embrace change, but...


Weekend Getaway (Plus a Plum Organics Giveaway)

We are planning on heading to the beach for a few days this weekend. We don’t get to go all that often, but when the opportunity presents itself we graciously accept and begin the process of planning, packing and preparing everyone for being away from...


The Spirit of Autumn

It’s one of my favorite times of year, when the cold fall air begins to whisper in our sun-loving, California ears, that fall has come and with it the promise of beautiful traditions, cozy sweaters and hot chocolate in the afternoons. I truly love everything...


Feathered Nest

This weekend we celebrated Zoe’s seventh birthday. As these big, larger than life events go, we were busy from dawn on Saturday until dusk on Sunday. I planned and shopped for weeks it seems leading up to this momentous event in my daughter’s life. Evvie...


Walking For Wishes

Finding ways to give back and involve my children in the process has been an interesting challenge for us. Over the past several years, we’ve chosen opportunities as certain events have come about to involve Jack and Zoe in; after Hurricane Sandy hit New York...


A Sweet Introduction

Relocating our family into a new town just weeks before school started made me slightly nervous. Ideally, we would have had plenty of time to unpack and settle into our new home and neighborhood before being thrust into the routine of busy school mornings, homework,...


Creating Our Home

We have been in our new (to us) home for almost two full weeks, as hard to believe as that is. There are piles of things in every corner, empty spaces waiting to be filled with new furniture and walls that are awaiting paint and...


Their Safe Place

My oldest two children, Jack and Zoe, are 19 months apart in age. Jack was still very much a baby himself when Zoe was born and because of that they have always been incredibly close to one another. We did everything together, including pack and...

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