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Dressing Up in Holiday Glee (plus a special offer)

November 26, 2014

I love the laid-back atmosphere of our little beach town. There are few, if any, reasons to get dressed up (or get dressed at all, lets be real) on any given day here in Santa Cruz. The dress code is surfer-chic; On any given day we can all be found sporting our flip-flops and hoodies, […]

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Rain Dance

November 23, 2014

There are a handful of memories that I have from my childhood that I hold on to. Some of them, my favorite memories, are random and otherwise insignificant; A day at the movies with my mom and sister, an evening catching fire flies with my cousins in our front yard, and one with just my […]

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The Storyteller

November 20, 2014

Today when Zoe jumped in the car at school pickup, she launched into a story practically gasping for air in between details. Her little mouth is clearly working much slower than her brain would like, but the words just trickle off of her tounge without barely waiting for the rest of her to catch up. […]

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Rhythm and Water

November 17, 2014

For whatever reason, Justin and I have lived near water together throughout our marriage. The two of us grew up about 20 minutes south of where we live in Santa Cruz, and spent some of our most formative years playing in the same sand that our children do now. When he was accepted to dental […]

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Reestablishing the Village

November 13, 2014

Last year around this time, I was in Guatemala. The families we visited had nothing but each other. The chickens ran through their dirt floored living rooms where the children played, huge smiles spread wide across their little faces. The women, draped in long skirts, wraps in their hair, dirty aprons tied around them tight, […]

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One Year with Theo

November 7, 2014

It’s been one year since we brought Theo home. Zoe and I drove to the shelter to collect him, just the two of us. She had been asking incessantly for a puppy for as long as she could verbalize it. The entire 20 minute ride from our house to the vet, she squealed in delight […]

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Lessons in Bowling

November 4, 2014

“You look great, Steve!” I remarked as I passed our neighbor, dressed in his costume on Friday. “Thanks!” he fired back. “You look like a drowned rat”! I do now and I will always appreciate his honesty. I absolutely did look like a drowned rat after taking the kids through their costume parade in the […]

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A Rainy, Lovely Holiday

November 3, 2014

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved Halloween. The turning of the seasons during the first couple weeks of October, even in California, are some of the most lovely of the year. I think of family, warm delicious meals and cozy evenings bundled up by the fireplace. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite. […]

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Momma Loves

October 30, 2014

Today is a bit of a hodgepodge of things that I’ve been wanting to yell from the rooftops about. Products that I have found on the internet and just absolutely love. The first is a new one for me. The La Siesta baby hammock. It keeps her snug and cozy, and responds to her movement […]

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Capturing Pieces of Them

October 29, 2014

I haven’t quite grasped the practice of video taping my kids. Mostly I leave that up to Justin, and his phone fills quickly with all sorts of random clips of each child. There are baseball moments, first cartwheels in gymnastics, first rides on a two wheeler and even first smiles. My phone and most of […]

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