Adventure Awaits

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our lifestyle and how much time we spend outdoors. How different it would be if we still lived in an apartment in New York City, and how grateful I am for those years as difficult as they were...


A Busy Life, Well Managed

Inherently and historically, I am not an organized person. The biggest arguments I can remember getting into with my mother while I was growing up involved keeping my room clean and my things tidy. All the way up until adulthood, in college and even with...


Self Care: Investing in Me

The past nearly ten years of parenthood feels like a whole separate lifetime within an already somewhat seasoned existence. I’ve grown nearly as much as each of my children with each passing day of our lives, learning and understanding the vast abyss of love, empathy...


Styling Those Personalities

Ever since my babies were tiny, I’ve been very picky about what they wear. I went to fashion design school after all, and what I thought would make a great career ended up being a super fun hobby-for my children and for myself. I spent...


Carpools & Campouts: The Summer Swing of Things

This week marks the first days of soccer and basketball camps for the big kids. The weather is mild enough that being outdoors and running for three hours isn’t completely depleting for them, and they all enjoy having a little structure and exercise with their...


The Art of Play + Productivity

It seems this season of life, this crazy beautiful stage constantly finds me scrambling and trying to catch up to a moving target, hustling to run a household, a business, a marriage and raise four children in the absolute best possibly way. I’m consistently behind...


That Indestructible Spirit

As a family, we spend a lot of time playing. Raising four children means we’re often dedicating time and energy to not only exploring when each child is the happiest, but also uncovering ways we can get them all involved in the same activity. It’s...


Breaking Barriers with Imagination

One of my favorite, and also incredibly fascinating aspects of raising children in a big family is watching how their relationships change over the years. Jack and Zoe, being our first and 19 months apart in age, have always been very close. Their personalities and...


The Best of Us

The family and I just came home from a long and involved vacation to Washington State. We flew with the kids to Seattle for a few nights and then rented a car and drove to an island off of the coast for a few more...


Music for Life

We dance a lot. As a family, individually, randomly, and sometimes (Beau) when we shouldn’t be. Our life has a steady soundtrack to it consisting of mostly chatter, laughing, a little screaming and a whole lot of music. There’s something about a low melody that...


A Place to Read

It didn’t occur to me until recently how much I love our home. I love being home brimming with people and pets, I love the way the house smells when we’re cooking a yummy dinner or baking with the kids, I even love the reminders...


Making Time for Me

It seems as though just as January rolls around and I’m kicking my shoes off, relaxing into the deep recess of the dull, wintery, quiet days of the new year, my schedule has decided otherwise. I had barely exhaled from the craze of the holidays...

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