Adventure Awaits

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our lifestyle and how much time we spend outdoors. How different it would be if we still lived in an apartment in New York City, and how grateful I am for those years as difficult as they were...


Enjoying the In-Between Time

We live a very busy, full life. We could not be happier. The reality that my children live as equal parts of of a big family, is that being one of four children means there are unique compromises within most situations and they often have...


Traveling With Six in Style and Function

 I’ve always been a bit of a car geek. My first car was a standard transmission, the same one I learned on and took my drivers test in. I like to learn about different types of cars and their engines-especially old ones-but mostly I just...


Healthy, Happy, and Seeing Clearly

This past summer was full of adventure for our family. We kick-started the school-free and schedule-lax months of June and July with a magical trip to Disney World, followed by jaunts to the Pacific Northwest, then New York City, Lake Tahoe and down to Los...


Growing With Them

When I was pregnant with my first child, so many people made comments to me about how much my life would change and how hard it would be to raise a baby. Then, 10 months later we were expecting our second child and the comments...


Summer Without Reservations

After four years living on the East Coast, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not consciously grateful for our gorgeous Northern California weather. Our lives revolved around the weather when we lived in the city, car free. I’d plan grocery trips based...


Styling Those Personalities

Ever since my babies were tiny, I’ve been very picky about what they wear. I went to fashion design school after all, and what I thought would make a great career ended up being a super fun hobby-for my children and for myself. I spent...


Beating the Heat

It’s June 15th and we are a solid 13 days into summer. It is utterly wonderful to be able to wake up and have a relaxing morning with the kids, without anywhere to rush off to. We are baking cookies and holding lemonade stands, spending...


Lifestyle and Lessons

It was always our intention to raise our children surrounded by family and friends, so when Justin graduated from dental school and it was time to leave New York, we headed back home to the Bay Area. Our families still live in the same town,...


Safe and Happy Places

I’ve seen my fair share of minor accidents involving my children over the years. Stitches, emergency room visits, bumps and bruises are to be expected when parenting four children under 9 years of age. Emotionally they all respond and react to their bodies differently, and...


With Love, From Us

  I try to be very cognizant of when and where and how long I use my phone around my children; the same could be said about my large DSLR camera and to a degree that kind of mental awareness is effective. I want to be...


Everyday Superkid

We first realized our little Beau had super powers when he started walking at nine months of age. It wasn’t but a few weeks before that he was kicking a soccer ball across Central Park, and racing a scooter down the ramps at our building’s...

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