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Jazzing Up Homework Time (and giving back!)

January 26, 2015

Thursday nights are a little hectic on the home front. By the time the end of the week approaches we’re all fairly exhausted, so I tend to make an easy dinner or order take-out and we buckle down to make sure Zoe’s homework is completed. Zoe is very energetic, artistic, full of life and creativity, […]

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Eight the Great

January 25, 2015

Becoming a parent to older children seemed to happen over night. One day, Jack and Zoe were small and the next they were grown. It’s like the newborn phase all over again with that glowy haze of uncertainty and moments stockpiled with new discoveries, reaching and moving and learning together. Navigating childhood with Jack has been a […]

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Big Family Travel

January 21, 2015

It’s Friday, around 7:25am. Jack and Zoe are upstairs getting dressed and ready for school while I frantically make sandwiches and pack lunches for the two of them, plus one for Beau that will be ready in our refrigerator for when he gets home from preschool. Justin is getting the younger two ready for the […]

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Restful Ritual

January 20, 2015

These little souls, they hold the entire world, unbridled and unharnessed within the chambers of their hearts. Children are as children do. To really understand the napping situation, you have to know our family, and even then it’s feels just a bit over the top and unreal, even to me. By nature, Theo and Beau […]

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Trustworthy Constants

January 16, 2015

Over the course of the past year and a half, our lives have changed significantly in almost every way. We moved to the Bay Area from New York City, effectively upending any and all routines we had set in place, from groceries to travel to family time and sleeping arrangements. We welcomed Theo and Evangeline […]

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Finding My Vessel

January 15, 2015

The birth and beginning of a year brings so much renewal into my psyche, something I have been desperate for throughout the past few months. Evangeline was born, Zoe turned 6, Beau turned 3, the holidays steamrolled through and now Jack is approaching 8 with a quickness that feels like a chokehold around my heart, […]

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A Functional Space for Me

January 13, 2015

Last year when we moved to our new home, part of my infatuation with the house was centered around the gigantic master bedroom. In addition to having it’s own bathroom (our own bathroom!), there is a balcony attached that looks over our downstairs patio, and enough space to put a desk. Creating a space for […]

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Theo, Beau and Evangeline: A Naptime Trifecta

January 8, 2015

There are fairly few things that contribute to the physical wellness of a child as much as sleep and nutrition do. In our home, and I’m sure in the homes of many toddlers and preschoolers, nap time (clearly) is a sacred ritual. I’ve always been pretty strict about maintaining the consistency and rituals of our […]

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Simplifying for Family Time

January 7, 2015

This post is sponsored by Target Subscriptions – everyday essentials delivered on the schedule you set. Monday, January 5th at 7:28 AM, and we’re about 18 minutes into our first day back to the regular elementary, preschool and work routines. The kids are eating the last three bananas with the last three pieces of toast from the loaf of sandwich bread […]

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Restart, Refresh, Anew

January 2, 2015

There’s a clarity that comes with the first of a brand new, fresh year. I, for one, have been desperate for a little honing in on what is truly the most important things. It’s January second, and now that the fluff has dissipated from the holidays I’ve been able to really focus solely on my […]

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