Savvy & Sensible Multitasking

Two children in elementary school, one in preschool and one most often on my hip means we are constantly moving. My alarm sounds at 6 am, cooing that she is hungry and it’s time to wake up. Beau walks into our room dragging his toes...


A Whole New World

It's hard for me to believe (though it is at every one of these milestones) that Evangeline is old enough to be sitting up in a high chair, feeding herself. She's grown so much over the past 6 weeks that she's effectively gone from infant...


Sweetly Crafted Nostalgia

With as large as our family is, some things, no matter how hard I try, tend to fall through the cracks. I miss emails and texts from friends and family frequently, there are times that I’ll leave the house without diapers (even now, after 8...


The Evidence of Children

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I am left alone in our home. My husband just left to take the big kids to school and the little ones to the park. The door shut, and the sounds in this home went from a vibrant, climactic heartbeat...


Simplify the Wonderful

Little League started this weekend. Justin was working on Opening Day and I had an entire day full of activities lined up for the kids. The early morning ceremonies, the team photos and Jack's first game all peppered around birthday parties, naps and meal times. Jack loves...


Chic Shopping for a Cause

I’m the type of person to pick out the most expensive item from a lineup, no matter what that item is: clothing, makeup, steak, handbags, stationary, socks. Most of my life, I haven’t been able to afford what my taste demands but I’ve made concessions...


The Adventures of Togetherness

Scrolling through Facebook this morning while I nursed Evvie, a couple things showed up in my feed more than once: A new report on the likelihood of an earthquake hitting California and a study on the median income rates needed to live in certain cities...


Choose Your Own Adventure

When I was a sophomore in high school, I chose to do a report on the plight of the dolphins who were (are) getting caught and dying in fishermen’s nets. It led me down a rabbit trail of books, studies and information on animal welfare....


The Motherhood Work-Life Swing Dance

My least favorite part of flying with children isn’t waiting in line to drop my bags, or wrangling my shoes and laptop into bins and a stroller through the conveyor belt with a baby in my arms. I can tolerate a fussy baby and an...


Little Storytellers

A couple of years ago, I took a very important trip to Guatemala on behalf of a charity where we visited families in desperate need of assistance of many kinds. The kids played on their dirt floors, with the chickens on their property, and most...


Pushing Normal

“When are you going to be a regular mom and not work?” Zoe asked from the back of the car the other day as I was bringing them to school. I’m not sure what “regular” means to her, but I told her that I was proud of my...


Family Travel: Dabbling in the Details

When I was little, during the summers my sister and I would go back home to visit our dad and family in Ohio. We’d spend the summers catching fireflies and swimming and playing from dawn until dusk with our cousins, and on occasion we’d take...

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