The Motherhood Work-Life Swing Dance

My least favorite part of flying with children isn’t waiting in line to drop my bags, or wrangling my shoes and laptop into bins and a stroller through the conveyor belt with a baby in my arms. I can tolerate a fussy baby and an...


Little Storytellers

A couple of years ago, I took a very important trip to Guatemala on behalf of a charity where we visited families in desperate need of assistance of many kinds. The kids played on their dirt floors, with the chickens on their property, and most...


Pushing Normal

“When are you going to be a regular mom and not work?” Zoe asked from the back of the car the other day as I was bringing them to school. I’m not sure what “regular” means to her, but I told her that I was proud of my...


Family Travel: Dabbling in the Details

When I was little, during the summers my sister and I would go back home to visit our dad and family in Ohio. We’d spend the summers catching fireflies and swimming and playing from dawn until dusk with our cousins, and on occasion we’d take...


Sun, Sand, and Swim

Jack and Zoe were a little late in the game learning how to swim. We trekked in the snow to lessons at our local Y in NYC, and we tried personal lessons at our pool in the building complex where we lived. Swimming probably felt...


Wild Terrain

This time of year often feels like it comes barreling at me through the closed brown doors, staring me down in a intense, saucer-eyed. steel-glazed stare like the crazed bird in a cuckoo clock. It's time, he says. It's nearly spring and this season is...


A Common Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (hi, tomorrow), I sat down with the kids to do 50 Valentines with them for their classes today. Jack simply signed his name, while Zoe made intricate puppies and kitties complete with paws and goggly eyes for all 22...


Jazzing Up Homework Time (and giving back!)

Thursday nights are a little hectic on the home front. By the time the end of the week approaches we’re all fairly exhausted, so I tend to make an easy dinner or order take-out and we buckle down to make sure Zoe’s homework is completed....


Eight the Great

Becoming a parent to older children seemed to happen over night. One day, Jack and Zoe were small and the next they were grown. It's like the newborn phase all over again with that glowy haze of uncertainty and moments stockpiled with new discoveries, reaching...


Big Family Travel

It's Friday, around 7:25am. Jack and Zoe are upstairs getting dressed and ready for school while I frantically make sandwiches and pack lunches for the two of them, plus one for Beau that will be ready in our refrigerator for when he gets home from...


Restful Ritual

  These little souls, they hold the entire world, unbridled and unharnessed within the chambers of their hearts. Children are as children do. To really understand the napping situation, you have to know our family, and even then it's feels just a bit over the top and unreal,...


Trustworthy Constants

Over the course of the past year and a half, our lives have changed significantly in almost every way. We moved to the Bay Area from New York City, effectively upending any and all routines we had set in place, from groceries to travel to...

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