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Big City of Dreams

February 25, 2014

From where I sit at my desk in the corner of our master bedroom typing this, there are three diplomas on the wall. All three belong to my husband, and he worked incredibly hard for those achievements. Rather than being a brag-wall for himself, those diplomas are hanging proudly for our children to see and […]

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Life Instruments

October 10, 2013

My mother’s relatives came to America on the proverbial, yet very literal boat from Greece. My grandfather, also from Greece, had picked my grandmother out of a photo to be his wife after his own arrival from the gorgeous country and they separately made their way through Ellis Island. Chrysoula, my YiaYia, had worked in […]

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To Guatemala with Love

September 13, 2013

By the time we depart Guatemala on Sunday, we will have been here seven days. That’s close to four days longer than I have ever been apart from any of my children. I knew going into this experience that it would be a challenge for me to be so far away from my babies, and […]

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Guatemala, Day Two: Las Madres

September 12, 2013

There have been a few times in my life when the very basic principals of my own humanity were the only things keeping me hopeful. Being alone with Jack in the crowded emergency room while he went through rounds of steroids to rescue him from anaphylactic shock, not being able to call anyone to come […]

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Guatemala, Day One: Exposed

September 11, 2013

Last month I went into the government office in Santa Cruz and applied for my very first passport. In the seat next to me sat a gentleman applying with his intended for a marriage license, the same spot I sat in to do the very same thing 7 years ago. She mentioned that she was […]

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Stroller Obsession: Stokke Xplory

March 14, 2013

When I started reviewing strollers, I was bent on finding the perfect one. Having been all over the city with multiple children and getting a crash course in transportation without a car, in my mind there had to be a perfect stroller. What I’ve learned over the years and various different stroller reviews is there […]

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Iron Wings

November 6, 2012

What a week. My last post brought us right up until just before our hotel lost power and Hurricane Sandy’s gargantuan breadth was beginning to descend. My naivete blared in the title of that post, predicting a paltry 48 hours of this nightmare. We are currently in Philadelphia and still under a mandatory evacuation order […]

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Traveling with the Orbit and a G2 Giveaway!

September 27, 2012

The thing about being a parent is we tend to share our secrets. In our tight circles with friends, it’s easy to discuss what has and hasn’t worked for us in terms of products, activities and other parenting trials. Out in public with strangers though, I’m always careful to not offer advise unless it’s requested […]

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Our City Escape in the Cadillac Hybrid Escalade

September 13, 2012

A wise lifelong New Yorker once told me that the secret to living in Manhattan successfully is to leave often. So very true, and yet, not quite as easy as you’d imagine without owning a car. One of our hardest transitions into city life was getting rid of both of our vehicles. It was convenient, […]

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Resident Tourist: Governors Island

September 11, 2012

Living in New York City on a very set and scheduled four year stint has been 99% wonderful. Though living in the middle of the city is truly magical and fabulous, there are a lot of things about life with three children in a little apartment that can be very challenging. Having the ability to […]

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