Healthy Bites on the Run

Spring sports are in full swing here on the Shyba front. The three big kids are playing baseball and softball, respectively, plus basketball, soccer and gymnastics. This means that there isn't a single day of the week that we aren't headed out to practice, a...


Precious Moments

Download the WeeSchool App here by June 1, and you can register for free, lifetime access to all premium WeeSchool content and features. Jack, my oldest, is a thinker. He has always been quiet and somewhat of a mystery, never really being terribly chatty or emotive...


Finding My Best Self

As a young family, we spent a good part of our formative parenting years living in New York City. I think about our experiences there and refer to them often because of how much we learned through the different perspectives we were given every day. The...


The Clean Team

There are certain things in my life and daily routines that I am pretty good at. I love cooking, baking and preparing meals for my family. I even somewhat enjoy doing dishes and washing clothes, so long as I don’t have to put any of...


A New Solution

Earlier this year, long before I became pregnant with our fifth child, I finally found an exercise routine that I was not only able to commit to but also excited about the process. For weeks I played with different times and days that I would...


Staying Close Through the Holidays

Every year I say I will manage my time better during the holidays. I promise myself I'll get my shopping done early, my holiday cards in the mail, and everything wrapped and ready for Christmas morning. Needless to say, every year I leave large gaping...


Celebrating with our Furry Love

It sounds silly and obvious I’m sure, but when we adopted Theo at 7 weeks old, I had no idea that bringing home a puppy would be so much like bringing another child into the family. He was so young and likely fairly traumatized from...


Decked Out for Christmas

Every year, Christmas has slowly gone from being my least favorite to my most favorite holiday. The uptick began when Jack celebrated his first Christmas at 11 months old. We were living in a tiny apartment while Justin was working full time and completing his...


Sweet, Savvy and Supersized (Plus an Awesome Giveaway!)

It probably sounds silly, but living in New York City taught me how to shop efficiently online. I bought everything from diapers and groceries to setting up and dealing with laundry on the internet. New York City is a great place for shopping for fun...


An Extraordinary Experience on the Islands

The islands of Hawaii are deeply rooted in our story as a family, starting with my marriage. As a child I was fortunate enough to visit one time, and not again until I met my husband. Justin spent his undergraduate years on Oahu while attending...


Sending Love, Personally

As a child, I didn’t spend a lot of time around my immediate family. We lived across the country from my dad, my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. I developed a fondness as well as a skill of keeping pen-pals with my best friends from...


Important Conversations

Parenting isn’t one of those things that I went into fully prepared for. I hadn’t really thought about what kind of disciplinarian I’d be as a mother, or how often I’d allow sweets in their diet, or how often screen time would be acceptable. I...

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