Land of Nod: Jack & Beau’s Room Reveal

Our move from NYC to California was a really big deal and life changing in so many ways. We transitioned during a very poignant time during our children's lives, even more so than we knew at the time. Jack was entering the first grade and...


Peace of Mind is Everything: Fire Safety with Kidde

The following post was sponsored by Kidde. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast just over a year ago. We were living in New York City, in an apartment facing West, 8 stories above where the East River meets the island. Our building was in Zone A,...


In the Kitchen with Tim Love

Often has been the case in the last three years that I have been caught off guard by the opportunities presented to me. Some more than others, but I'm almost always pleasantly surprised. Being a blogger in New York City is so much fun. A couple...


Hair Envy with Vidal Sassoon

When I was a freshman in high school, I had the most amazing hair. Untouched, long, thick, pin straight, and beautiful. I washed it in the morning, ran a comb through it and walked out the door and it always looked impeccable. The following year I...


Fun with Food and Dan Zanes! (Giveaway)

Let me introduce to you something in my life that drives me bananas: This cupboard, filled with plastic sippy cups, bowls, tritan tumblers and melamine plates makes me crazy. Once upon a time, when my children began to eat off of plates and guzzle out of...


Ready, Set, Relax

This morning I woke up to the soft tweeting of birds and the crisp, fresh air that engulfs my mother's home that sits at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains. As I type this, the kids are in the back yard playing, Beau is...

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