Sweetly Crafted Nostalgia

With as large as our family is, some things, no matter how hard I try, tend to fall through the cracks. I miss emails and texts from friends and family frequently, there are times that I’ll leave the house without diapers (even now, after 8 consecutive years of diapering children), or send the kids to school without raincoats on drizzly days. I’ve dubbed Saturdays shower days because that is often the state of my self-care routine, and I never quite manage to cross everything off of my to-do list on any one full day. There are usually errant dishes in...

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The Evidence of Children

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I am left alone in our home. My husband just left to take the big kids to school and the little ones to the park. The door shut, and the sounds in this home went from a vibrant, climactic heartbeat to a still, dull flatline. I absorb it like sunshine on my skin for a moment, and then I begin to clean and prepare to get the red-carpet scroll of things done while I am alone. It’s a race to the finish line when the front door opens and little feet and big personalities race in. Our...

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Simplify the Wonderful

Little League started this weekend. Justin was working on Opening Day and I had an entire day full of activities lined up for the kids. The early morning ceremonies, the team photos and Jack’s first game all peppered around birthday parties, naps and meal times. Jack loves baseball so completely, it is so much fun to watch him totally immerse himself into not only learning the game but trying his absolutely hardest. I try to keep our lives as even keeled as possible when I can. I don’t ever want there to be too many activities lined up that there aren’t...

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