Heart Fuel

I ventured up to San Francisco yesterday, an hour and a half up the coast away from my babies in the middle of the day. It’s been a struggle to make sure I have enough bottles on hand for Evvie so that I can actually be away from her for more than a couple of hours. I work from home and nurse on demand and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, to be living that in and of itself, isn’t something I could have, nor would have dared to dream for. The walls of this house and the confines of the...

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Well Cared For

I didn’t grow up spending a whole lot of time around babies. I had a steady babysitting job for a fairly long stint but it wasn’t something that I sought out heavily. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I really truly actively immersed myself into caregiving and mothering. As it goes with new parenthood, I learned how to give everything that I was both physically, mentally and quite literally all the time. It was a challenge learning how to forego everything that I was used to, prioritizing myself most of the time especially during the late months...

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Maintaining Our Family Heartbeat

Theo came into our lives at seven weeks old, but with the soul of a well traveled wanderer. He gravitated towards us and the spaces we frequently occupy as soon as he came home with us from the shelter, and fit in with our family as though he had always been here and we had just been waiting for him. He had the most docile soul, and still very much possesses the qualities of a being that has been around quite a long time. Theo is gentle, loving and playful, and it was all of these qualities that I saw...

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