Fresh Faced

One of my favorite photos from my childhood is of me sitting on my mother’s vanity, looking into the mirror that I had completely smeared with her makeup. I was clad in only a diaper and dripping with what looks like face cream and baking powder. Don’t recollect that moment in time specifically, but I can remember longing to be wherever she was, doing whatever she was doing. She was (and is) more beautiful than I have words for, and I still feel wrapped in her love wherever I am when I think of her. There are photos of me...

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Welcome Home

Bringing Theo home for the first time was a lot like bring Beau home from the hospital. I went into both situations pretty naive, expecting to be able to cruise into each new experience fully armed with plenty of life knowledge. I had had two babies already and raised two dogs growing up; what kind of situation would present itself that I hadn’t already been prepared to handle? Here’s the thing about life, and parenting specifically: It is might as well be written on ancient scrolls that once you think you know how to handle a situation, once you think...

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Friday Love

Jumper Blouse Socks Collar Activity Tracker

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