The Importance of Sleep

It would likely appear that sleep comes easy to the residents of our household, and while that may be true for some, it certainly hasn’t been that way from the beginning. We’ve been rocking, shushing, singing, reading, loving, listening and, ultimately, sleeping next to at least one or more of our children for nearly eight years straight. Some things end up being exactly like they say it will be: They won’t do this forever, you know. They won’t be in diapers, suck a pacifier, throw tantrums, or any of the other things that little kids do forever, even though sometimes...

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A Sweet Introduction

Relocating our family into a new town just weeks before school started made me slightly nervous. Ideally, we would have had plenty of time to unpack and settle into our new home and neighborhood before being thrust into the routine of busy school mornings, homework, lunch packing and the endless tasks that come with having three children in school. I have been pleasantly surprised however, now that we are a week into our new schools, that starting early actually meant that we’d be more-or-less forced to be social and make new friends, and that has done us all wonders. The...

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Creating Our Home

We have been in our new (to us) home for almost two full weeks, as hard to believe as that is. There are piles of things in every corner, empty spaces waiting to be filled with new furniture and walls that are awaiting paint and repair everywhere I look. There is confusion and disorganized pockets of chaos in nearly every facet of my life, and as hard as I’ve tried to maintain calm and functional, there are moments when I become unraveled. My focus has been spent primarily on maintaining the sense of calm, comfort and stability that my children...

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