West Coast Allergies: Room to Breathe

My husband and I moved to California with lofty expectations for our son's seasonal allergies and asthma. We moved to New York City before he had shown any signs or symptoms of either, so naturally we attributed his reactions to the environment. We began Jack...


Building an Allergen Free Space at Home (Giveaway)

When we learned about Jack's asthma and seasonal allergies a couple of years ago, our lives truly turned inside out. Being that it's such a temperamental disease, taking the necessary precautions was the only way to rule out irritants. We knew that the pollen in...


Living With Asthma

The spring after we moved to New York City proved to be the first in several major parental learning curves. Jack started coughing one day and eventually it got so bad (up all night, vomiting, etc.) that we needed a nebulizer at home for daily...