Baby Shower Gift Guide: HUGE Bonus Giveaway!

This week has been so incredible in SO many ways. I'm thrilled to be able to not only highlight some of my favorite products, but also to be able to give them away to you guys. And then yesterday, something really neat happened: I couldn't be happier...


Baby Shower Gift Guide: Day 1

As you know, I'm rapidly closing in on my due date with our third baby. They say that subsequent babies don't traditionally get baby showers, but I personally think that every baby deserves a celebration of some sort. I didn't want anyone to actually throw...


American Living BTS Giveaway

My kids are now a week into school and truly loving every single moment. They love the confidence it brings, the creativity they are encouraged to explore, and their peers most of all. It's almost like having two new little kids at our house- the...