Real Spaces, Loving Places

As a family, we spend quite a bit of time with the grandparents. It’s a natural thing for us to be together often, even though they live close to 40 minutes away. Each of their homes is stocked with extra toothbrushes, pajamas, child-sized cups and...


Land of Nod: Jack & Beau’s Room Reveal

Our move from NYC to California was a really big deal and life changing in so many ways. We transitioned during a very poignant time during our children's lives, even more so than we knew at the time. Jack was entering the first grade and...


Gearing up with Magic Beans *Giveaway*

The one thing I can't seem to get over about parenting is how much STUFF comes with these little beings we bring into our lives. Lots of it is necessary-the diapers, the strollers, all different types of seats and toys and bathing contraptions. I am...