Disney Room Makeover: The Reveal *Spon

The month of May has been almost complete madness for our family- and nearly all in a good way. Justin's family flew in from various parts of the country to watch him graduate dental school, we went to Disney World the following day, and upon...


Disney Room Makeover: Preparation *Spon

I have a little secret that I need to share before I go any further talking about this redecorating process: I'm really bad at interior design. I have absolutely zero knack for decorating, organizing space or feng shui whatsoever. In fact, our apartment was mostly...


Disney Room Makeover (spon)

We have a really fantastic surprise brewing for our children. When we moved to New York City for dental school, we had planned to take our family to Disney World as a treat for all of us to celebrate my husband's graduation success. None of...