Nesting in Calm and Comfort

The following post was sponsored by Belabumbum. I admit that generally speaking, I don't make time for myself. I'm lucky to find a moment alone to use the restroom, or take a shower, or make it to the grocery store-a near luxury for this mother...


Finding My Moments of Zen + a $500 Belabumbum Giveaway

I think I've finally figured out the formula for the reason behind why children grow so quickly. It's actually pretty simple, which surprises me the most about why I have been so completely baffled at the rate that my children are changing and getting older,...


Back to NYC, Back to Me, Back to my Belabumbum

My first trip to New York City after our move to Santa Cruz in August was in late February this year. I was so anxious to stand amongst the towers of endless buildings and see if I felt any different than I did when we...