Stroller Obsession: Micralite Fastfold Super-Lite

It's no secret that I have a thing for strollers.  I happen to also have a penchant for funky, cool, pretty, useful things. When the Micralite Fastfold Super-lite arrived from Scandinavian Child at our home, I was very excited.  It encompasses everything that I love in...


Stroller Obsession: Britax B-Ready (& a Giveaway!)

You all probably know this by now, but I have a small issue.  Since moving to Manhattan I have become completely obsessed with strollers.  You see, our strollers here in the city are like our "cars".  They are our mode of transportation, and they must...


Get Around, ‘Round ‘Round… Trying to Get Around

Whenever I meet someone new here in New York City and tell them my story, they almost always ask me how the transition is going. I almost always tell them that it is going well. The truth is, yes, the transition has been mostly seamless....