Momma’s Gone Gifty: Day 2

These days before Christmas are absolutely flying by. Remembering every little thing is not easy, especially when you have two little ones to think of. I didn’t remember to buy stocking stuffers until today. That said, I love shopping for my children, so I was happy to be put to task. This was my favorite part of the gift guide, so without further adieu…

Toddlers and Preschool Aged Children

Les Classiques Floral High Chair

Bebe Charmeur

Corolle is my most favorite line of dolls and doll products. My daughter, as you can see in, oh, EVERY single photo I take of her is clutching onto one of her Corolle babies. The high chair is made for children ages 3+ and easily converts to a table and chairs. Gorgeous and wooden, the perfect size for little “mommies”. Bebe Charmeur comes with her own pacifier, bottle, bib, booties and hat. She is made for ages 2+ and has an entire line of clothes that are sold to fit her. These are the most classic, well made dolls and accessories that I have seen and are their biggest fans.

Mater’s Yard by Lego

I can’t say enough about Lego products. My son has a TON of Duplo and is slowly graduating into the younger sets of Legos, and cannot get enough of building, tearing down and building again. We recently watched the movie Cars for the first time (ever! I know), so when he received his Mater’s Yard he was over the moon. This set includes Tow Mater and Sheriff cars, Tow Mater junk yard sign and oil barrel.


Keeping with the Cars theme-which, lets face it, toddlerhood is all about the theme of the moment- Disney’s new Cars game for the Wii was a hit with my three year old. I haven’t been big on introducing video games to them, but when he played this game at a recent Disney event (and had to be torn away eventually), I was intrigued. The game itself is made for “all ages” and can be played by up to four players at once. Player assumes the role of Lightning McQueen and can even customize their car. Super fun for the family.

Faux Pretty Print Jacket

Skull Patch Zip Sweater

I’m big into clothes, both for my children and (admittedly) myself. I love to find unique, nicely priced, well made items for my kids to wear. 77kids really has opened new doors in the kids clothing market, and hits all three of those criteria spot on. The clothes wash well and maintain their vibrant colors, and make great grandparent gifts!

Princess Expressions Tutu by Almar

Babylegs Tights and leggings

I am, proudly, the mother to to an ULTRA girly girl. Zoe loves anything and everything ballerina. These tutus are made for both toddlers and school aged children, and are super bright and fun, but not overly obnoxious. I can’t seem to get my own daughter to wear anything else. If you haven’t tried Babylegs yet, you really must. They are great for new crawlers (saves their little legs from being chaffed) and in the winter over tights, under pants, or even in the summer paired with skirts and dresses. We have tons and tons of these things- they wash incredibly well and maintain their shape even through extensive wear.


I have the following products available to win on Friday night:

LEGO’s Mater’s Yard, the Cars Wii Game, one Tutu and one set of Babylegs leggings.

In keeping with the consistency and nature of this Gift Guide Giveaway, we’re trying to spread the love. If you or someone you know could use something a little extra in their lives, please leave a comment explaining and I’ll pick a winner on Friday, December 24th.

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  • This is super! Your daughter is so so cute in every photo with her Corolle doll. My son is also a lego fan! He is super obsessed with building and rebuilding so I got him two more lego sets for Christmas. The tutu and leggings would be so cute for my niece.

  • My 4-yr-old daughter dances. We’re hoping to work ballet into the budget next year but she would love the Tutu. My son is a huge Cars fan and would love anything cars. That said we have some great Charities in the area and we’re are working with the kids to give to others. We’d find a good place for any of these items where they would be appreciated.

  • My lil 5yo niece Keni would hepi to get your awesome giveaway.I want share something with her,her mom is stewardess,with full time workday.. so just hv lil time for her.She realy love pink ummm..i hope i will win this for her Xmas surprise 🙂

  • Oooh, this would be perfect! I would like to nominate my bloggy friend Mandy who has a toddler son. Her husband was just told at the beginning of the week that he had lost his job so now their family has no income. They would love this to help brighten their Christmas 🙂

  • The Mater truck would be super cute to send to one of my bffs. She’s a single mom of one very handsome but extremely sick little boy. They recently just got out of abusive situation with her ex husband and I know that buying presents for her son has been a struggle for her this year. Her parents only help her out so much because they feel like she threw her life away having her son and getting married while she was still in college. It’s sad.

    But I know if I was able to give her the truck for her little man it would make her day. The tutu would be cute for my Moo. She’s just starting to come around to liking girly stuff because she is quite the Tom Boy!! And I’d love to gift my other friend with the baby legs. She just had a beautiful little girl two months ago and they love dressing her in Pink!!!

  • I have a friend whose son is in love with Cars, she just had a baby and money is really tight, so unfortunately with the new baby, the other kids won’t be getting much of a Christmas. The tights I’d use for my daughter who crawls up a storm and would get into so much stuff if I’d let her. It would be nice to have something that would help with the chaffing.

  • i would LOVE to give the Cars Wii game to my two little brother-in-laws (age 10 and 12). they have had a rough year with their parents divorcing and their mom is always working now trying to make ends meat. and unfortunately, we weren’t able to give them much this christmas, being that we are on a super tight budget. so i would love to surpise them with this game!

    p.s. this is so, so cool that you are doing this. very inspiring! you truly have a huge heart!

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