Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Giveaway)


This morning, Disney premiered the first clip of their new show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Jake and his crew of pirates team up for fun-filled adventures throughout Never Land, where they must work together on a quest for lost treasure. The series follows Jake, Izzy, Cubby and their parrot Skully as they board their ship Bucky and sail from their hideout on Pirate Island for a treasure hunt adventure against Captain Hook and Smee. Be it a skateboard, a guitar or a prized seashell, Captain Hook will do anything to get his hands on the treasure, but Jake invited viewers to use teamwork, problem solving and physical activity to reclaim their treasure, earning gold doubloons for the team treasure chest along the way.

In honor of the premier, I’m giving away one Junior Jake sling gift bag, filled with fun goodies that my kids went nuts over. They love anything related to stickers and tattoos, and my husband has been dying for a new tumbler to bring coffee in to school. Love the characters and colors. We are all excited to catch the new show with Jack’s most favorite thing ever: Pirates.


To win one Disney Junior Jake sling gift bag (includes Disney junior journal, water bottle, Jake tshirt, stickers and tattoos), please leave a comment telling me your favorite show on Disney and why. Winner will be chosen randomly this Friday, February 18th.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates, a new show premiering on Disney Junior February 14 at 8:30am/7:30c!

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  • Are you kidding me? I’ve got to win this!! Please nobody else enter!! I have a Jake and not only would he look cool with a shirt that has a name on it but O would love to see his name everywhere!

    I gotta say my/our favorite show on Disney is the Mickey Mouse Club! It brings back great memories for me as a kid. Mickey is my favorite Disney character and the animation and graphics are amazing! Having Mickey and his friends on huge LED TV looks awesome! I’m looking forward to catching the new Disney Jr too!

  • My son is actually watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates as I type this. And he is loving it….so this might be the new favorite.

  • Our favorite show is definitely Phineas & Ferb. My kids love to watch and be involved in all the imagination!

  • Phineas and Ferb!

    Clever, funny, innocent, cute and PARENT FRIENDLY!

  • Favorite Disney show right now would have to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My son LOVES it. It also brings back memories of childhood for my husband and I. We can’t wait to take him to Disney to “meet” Mickey and all of the characters. 🙂
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  • Mickey Club House,my sweet little red headed grandson loves this show. He gets all excited when it comes on. I hope that someday we can take him to Disney World and experience the splendor though his eyes.

  • Mickey Mouse Club is my sweet baby’s favorite. How wonderful it would be to bring him to the most wonderful place on Earth!

  • my son is a HUGE mickey mouse clubhouse fan but when he gets to see Jake and the Neverland Pirates I would bet that will become his new fave!

  • mickey mouse clubhouse – why? why not!

  • It’s definitely Mick Mouse Clubhouse. My grandson would absolutely love this.
    Please enter this and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him. 🙂
    Carol L

  • Favorite Disney show… Mickey Mouse Club. My 16 month old daughter asks for “Hot Dog” to be played over and over again, and watching her dance to it is just so cute.

  • Mickey mouse clubhouse. We love the songs and listen to the cd often too. It’s so catchy! We’ll have to check out the new show too!

  • My sons favorite show is LITTLE EINSTEINS! He’s learned the names of nearly every musical instrument and regularly refers to the speed of things as adagio, moderato, allegro or presto!! It’s a fantastic program!!!

  • We’re big fans of Imagination Movers!

  • this is awesome. my son loves this show…and is determined for me to find him an Izzy doll (my google search turned up your site)…he’s still gonna marry Minnie but he’s going to bring Izzy home to play with! 🙂 since he loves it so much (and its not as irritating to me as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) I’d say this is my favorite right now.

  • After watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates with my grandsons I am once again pleased with Disney’s remarkable insight to what children will enjoy. We have had Disney channel since it first came out as a pay channel when our children were young. Disney has done an excellent job of maintaining quality TV for kids off all ages (even grandpa & grandma). Winning the Jake pack would reinforce that this grandma can make anything possible.

  • My little buy is turning for and is having a JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND PIRATE BIRTHDAY . Then he’s having a Jake and the Pirates birthday at school since his birthday falls on a weekday. He already got the jake and the neverland pirates sheet set for his new captain’s bed, needless to say he is all about Jake, scully, captain hook, mr. sneed, cubby and izzy and who can forget yo ho bucky.

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