A Call to Arms

Social media: Media that is posed by the user and can take many different forms.

Social media to me: Friends, family, community, support in every form.

To my internet posse: I need your help. A few weeks ago I posted about a pediatric fundraiser that I’m holding next month, and one of my inspirations behind it, a very special person named Matt B.

Matt B. is in stage IV Leio Myosarcoma and is in his early thirties.

Leio Myosarcoma is a rare cancer that requires expensive treatment. Matt has overcome incredible odds to become a talented Musician. Blind since he was 2 years old, he has attained a Bachelors degree in music, with an emphasis in classical guitar performance. He also works as a guitar teacher to 100’s of students, has performed with several working bands and continues to write and compose new music. Matt also volunteers with organizations that provide training services to other people who are vision impaired, helping them to overcome the challenges that Matt himself has conquered.

Matt is an incredible light, he has touched so many people and is a gift to all of us.”


I placed a Give Forward badge on my site, but that fundraiser has since ended as they needed to use the funds to pay for his treatments.

Right now, Matt needs all the help he can get for funding his treatments.

I would be truly grateful if you would join me in helping alleviate his financial struggles by either donating or placing the paypal button on your site and/or by promoting this post or his blog via Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen this community do amazing things and I’m certain we can help Matt, even a little.

Matt’s Blog/Website can be found HERE.

Matt’s Facebook page can be found HERE.

(please email me at Jessica@mommasgonecity.com if you’d like the paypal button code! Thank you!)

I’ve seen the way these internet arms stretch and grow to encompass everyone in it’s radar. I’m hopeful and grateful for any arms that reach back.

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