Fashion’s Night Out, Pregnant Version

This year’s kickoff to New York Fashion Week was just a teensy bit different than how I celebrated last year. As it turns out, being nearly 7 months pregnant will make you stick out like a sore thumb on a night that is filled with lanky models and super chic fashionistas. One thing I have made sure of is that I don’t lose my sense of style (much) during this pregnancy. I even made a pact with myself that I would go as long as possible without purchasing a single item of maternity wear, and I’m happy to report that I lasted almost 7 months.

Anthropologie has come to my rescue many, many times over during this pregnancy and my last one.

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Last week during Fashion’s Night Out, I headed over to Destination Maternity’s flagship store to celebrate the launch of “Celebrities 4 Maternity Denim,” an online auction to support the March of Dimes. Destination Maternity provided celebrity moms Laila Ali, Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts, Jewel, Nicole Sullivan, Diane Farr, Camila Alves, Busy Philipps, and Kaitlin Olson each with a pair of its exclusive designer maternity jeans to embellish. These one-of-a kind denim jeans can be viewed and bid on from August 25 to September 22 at a

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The auction is an initiative between Destination Maternity and the March of Dimes to raise awareness about the importance of preventing preterm birth so more babies can get a healthy start in life. Bidding began at $300 per pair of jeans. All proceeds will support the March of Dimes.

I was able to meet and chat with the super gorgeous mama, Laila Ali…

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…and I even picked up some new clothes at A Pea in the Pod: JBrand Jeans, a Splendid tank and even a pair of preggo Spanx. Let’s just say I’m very, very happy with my decision to give in to my pride and buy some big girl clothes. They are very comfortable, and I was even able to get a decent deal.

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I must say how nice it is to feel good in maternity clothing. I have always detested wearing-and buying-maternity clothing, but the comfort and style options make all the difference in the way that I feel (and afterwards, it’s pretty easy to sell these pieces on EBay so that the investment is minimal).

It was great to be a part of New York Fashion Week that also supports the March of Dimes. I couldn’t have asked for a better event!

I was not compensated for this post in any way.

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  • So sad that you look better pregnant (and thinner, somehow) than I do NOT pregnant!

  • Those JBrand maternity jeans were a lifesaver not just during my pregnancy, but after when I was between sizes. 100% worth the money.

  • I went about 6 months and a week before buying maternity clothes. I love empire waist dresses anyway, so it came in handy during this pregnancy. We’re also having a Christmastime baby.

    Pea in the Pod is amazing, that’s where I got most of my stuff.

  • 7 months already! wow, time flies. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!! I bought some JBrand jeans in CA because I knew I would need something! I too detest maternity clothes and the fact that if you want to get something remotely nice you have to spend quite a bit of money. funny how you feel that you stick out; I can only imagine in a room full of model thin chicks.. but they don’t have your ‘glow’ or your amazing hair! xo

  • You always look so fabulous, Jess. And you meet the most awesome celebs! Dude, I made such a big deal about meeting and interviewing Heather Graham! LOL.

  • you look great! i detest maternity wear too, this stuff is lovely. and i would invest in pieces if i wasn’t huge! i think you are on baby #3 ? well me too…and lemme say that being a size 4 before both girls made me never ever look prego, it was sad i never got a bump. but i heard on your third you are giant…and i didn’t want to believe it, overnight, ever 5 weeks, large size maternity clothes were not working…my bikinis went to xl motherhood boy briefs and basically, i am stuff in ms. roper from 3’s company dresses…how can and in shape person be too huge for even plus size xl maternity, well, single baby in there, and hardly 3 months along i am…YOU LOOK GREAT! it’s all worth it 🙂

  • How pretty are you? I love the March of Dimes. I would have lent you my preggo spanx! 🙂

  • Love that store! I was just in there on Sunday. I’ve had a similar philosophy during the transition from Summer to Fall, trying to make all my sundress ‘work’ for as long as possible. You look great, glad you had a fun evening out!

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