Game Changer

I was pretty confident going into this last pregnancy with Beau. It had been over two years since I had been pregnant the previous time, and my biological clock was working overtime. Jack and Zoe were born 19 months apart, and having them back to back was an incredible, whirlwind experience. I was thrilled to be able to experience a pregnancy that would allow me to simply enjoy it, without being overcome with worry or stress.

My pregnancy with Beau should have been the first sign that, though I was definitely more experienced than the first two times, in no way does that mean it will be without it’s challenges. I suppose in some way this just shows my naiveté as a parent-a novice in the “three children” category. Life is nothing if not humbling and exciting at every turn.

When Jack was born, I struggled with all of the new parent issues that come with bearing a child and learning how to shed those first few layers of rookie motherhood. Ten months later I was pregnant with Zoe and enjoying it much more having really just been there not long before. I was nauseated and tired, though very busy with an active toddler and working a full-time job outside of the home.

This third time around, I was excited to savor and enjoy every minute. I hadn’t really taken into consideration living in New York City with two other children and being hugely pregnant or very nauseated 98% of the time. I fully expected to sail through the pregnancy and seamlessly roll into new parenthood all over again. Why shouldn’t I, aside from the pesky logistics of having three children in Manhattan? I was a professional parent with two kids and 4 years under my belt. Having babies is my beat.


Beau was born ten months ago and was the game changer.

Things have definitely gotten easier, but it was really unexpectedly difficult for the first several months. I couldn’t seem to find a juggle that worked for me, though Jack and Zoe were nearly completely unfazed by his presence. Now that he’s taking their toys it’s another story, but it was business as usual for them up until now.


It’s been challenging finding a groove, but I have enjoyed every single part of this boy’s life. He is sweet, smart, hilarious, and quite the troublemaker.


I’ve been able to enjoy his babyhood so much, and while it’s always bittersweet, I look forward to his milestones with the excitement of a first-time parent. It’s as though he’s in a mad dash to catch up with the other two, and at this rate he’s beating the clock.


He sat at four months, crawled at six, and walked at nine. He has 5 teeth long before the other two ever had their first, and just the other day paired two words together, a very clear “Hiiiii Dada!”!


He is an absolute joy to be around, and even though I may not have figured out how to help Jack with his reading homework while cooking dinner, playing princesses with Zoe and stacking blocks with Beau at the same time, we’re slowly learning the give and take that comes with having three children.

photo 1-9

It’s a beautiful time of life, one worth savoring as much as possible… If only I could actually remember to do that more often.

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  • Beautiful post and some stunning pictures! I often contemplate #3 and think I would be buried, but they each have a way of bringing their own amazing everything to the equation, don’t they? The balance can come later 😉

  • It’s interesting that I always hear from Mothers that once you hit 3 kids *everything* changes. I can’t imagine another Mom trying as hard as you would to find balance and routine for everyone – your little kiddos are so precious!

  • That swing picture KILLS me. He has grown so fast. It was an honor to snuggle with him at Mom 2.0. Love reading your journey and love to you and yours. xo

  • Perfect post as usual. I too have 3 kids close in age, 2 years 8 months between the 3 of them (my middle is our pricness too) so I am right there in the battle field with you. Constantly reminding myself to stop and enjoy it and take every minute as it comes.

  • I can’t believe he’s 10 months already! Time is flying! He is so adorable 🙂 I love seeing the pics on instagram!

  • I love posts like this!! You are amazing, Jess!!

  • He looks like a ton of fun and a great personality! I can imagine you have your hands full – but I think no matter how many kids we all have, our hands are ALWAYS full. The to do list never ends for moms! I wrote a post today on a similar note, trying to savor these moments with them when they are little:

  • As usual your pics are the great co-star of your blog! I was the 3rd baby too, 6 years after my oldest brother and my parents would probably say the exact same thing you did. I sat up early and walked at 9 months because I wanted to catch up with my brothers but the difference, I didn’t have a blankie or favorite doll I stuck with my brothers and as long as they were around (even if it got on their nerves) I was good!. Beau looks like so much fun I’m sure Big Sis and Big Bro adore him just as much

  • Great post! My girls are 18 months apart & I plan on waiting a bit before #3. I always wonder what the 3rd pregnancy will be like & will it be easier/ more relaxing not have babies back to back. I always wonder if 3 makes it more difficult because that’s when you & the husband become out numbered!!!

  • I read this post when you first posted it and then searched for it today for some much-needed reassurance. We’ve just found out that #3 is on the way and, after settling into a wonderful routine with the older two, are now preparing ourselves for the game changer, all the while diving into the excitement and anticipation as if it’s baby #1 all over again. Thank you!

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