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Last summer it occurred to me that we only had one year left as residents of New York City, and a feeling of panic set in. While it had taken everything I had just to figure out how to live successfully and happily with three little children in Manhattan, there was so much left that I desperately wanted to do. Life tends to get in the way, as it does, and the days turned from months into years before I could even catch my breath. So much is out there that I still want to see and experience both with my children and on my own.

This is a very special and unique place, filled to the brim with amazing places, exhibits, and activities to see and experience that it would take a lifetime to fully experience it all. I don’t regret missing much of what NYC has to offer because I have a heart full of memories from our four years here, and the door is wide open for us to come back to visit.

We managed to put together a bucket list before the our grand exit, and as I’m staring at our 10th day left in Manhattan right in the face, I’m proud to say we’re steadily accomplishing our goals.

Part of our success while living here had to do with managing NYC as a local, yet also as a tourist. Take it all in (fast-pased) stride, get out of the city often, make sure to check out the special exhibits during weekdays, and when you can, always seek out the best food. Given that mentality, there is a sky-high list of things that we said we’d do before we moved back to California, some that we did and some we haven’t quite yet.

1. Visit the Statue of Liberty
2. Climb to the top of the Empire State Building
3. Pay respects at the World Trade Center Memorial
4. Peer at the city from the Top of the Rock
5. Take in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art
6. Spend Memorial Day in Central Park
7. Take a double-decker bus tour
8. Sleep under the whale at the American Museum of Natural History
9. Treat my kids to the original Magnolia’s Cupcake shop in the West Village
10. Take in shows on Broadway, with and without the kids.

As a part of the Go Mighty crew, I was able to take some of these goals and not just write them down, but put them up on their website and actually watch them turn from a dream in to a tangible reality. If you aren’t familiar with the amazing things Go Mighty is doing, hop on over and take a gander. All of you can get involved, set your own goals and be an active part of realizing your dream.

For me, this was also an added push to actually get out into the city even with all three kids while my husband was in California for two weeks. We spent eight hours in Central Park on Memorial Day, and it was quite possibly the most magical day we have ever had there.


We climbed rocks, ate a picnic lunch, played endlessly on several different lawns, and met some truly wonderful people that played soccer with Beau and Jack for hours. We stayed until after bedtime, and found ourselves in need of a quick dinner. It’s not a habit, but sometimes grabbing a hot dog off of a food cart in the middle of Central Park is just the most perfect way to end a day. We all went home with full, happy, and exhausted hearts.

The full day out in the sunshine on Memorial Day was definitely a test, and the following day was even better.

The more of these activities and experiences that I knock off of our bucket list, the more peaceful I feel about leaving my so beloved city. I do think it’s important to leave a few up there to bring me back, but it feels better to leave the same way we came in: With a bang.

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring my goals on Go Mighty!

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  • Glad you all had a very enjoyable Memorial Day. I think it’s great that you all created a bucket list as a farewell to New York. Who says ending one chapter has to be sad? The important thing is that you and your family have and are creating memories of the Big Apple that will be cherished forever!

  • Sounds and looks like the perfect day in Central Park. From what I have seen you have certainly enjoyed NYC to the fullest. 🙂

  • You are brave to spend the day at the park by yourself with all three kids! But I find that when I have to work up the courage to go out and do something alone with my kids, those days turn out to be surprisingly magical. (Not that I don’t want to be alone with my kids – it’s just the logistics of it all, especially with 2 yr old twins, that intimidates me.)
    And that photo of the two of them with Essex House in the background is amazing!

  • I’ve loved reading about your NYC adventures and can’t wait for when the California ones start. Plus your photos here and on Instagram have always been so beautiful. You need to write about all the trials and tribulations of moving. I’m going to be doing it soon and I need tips!!

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