Establishing a Clean Routine with Cottonelle

When I first accepted this campaign opportunity, I really struggled with how I would write creatively and descriptively about toilet paper and personal care wipes. It was a quick and painless decision for me though, because I could combine three of my favorite things about our recent move to California: The ease and accessibility to a nearby Target, and a celebration of sorts that we now have three bathrooms and extra storage for bulk items. Not to mention, maybe, just maybe, we can work on the kid’s personal care routines with a bit of incentive.

It goes without saying that Target is awesome. When we lived in the city, we only went when we had a rental car because shopping while traveling via public transportation was very limiting. Now that we live in a two story home complete with a garage and plenty of storage, I now run into the opposite problem of buying too much (because I practically reinvented the word “need”).

Trips to Target are such a fun event in our family that plenty of preparation is required, especially for my daughter. She’s in a mode of constantly wearing costumes and ball gowns wherever we go, and she clearly deemed this errand as special as I did.


…of course Beau got in on the action as well.


We shopped for close to an hour before loading a cart completely full and heading home with two 18 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper and a canister of Cottonelle personal care wipes (amongst many, many other things).

photo 2
photo 2

Three Bathrooms


Our new home has tripled in bathrooms from the apartment we all lived in up until a month ago. There is one one on the first level that serves is used regularly by all of us during the day, including our guests. The kids have their bathroom upstairs, and Justin and I have a bathroom attached to the master bedroom as well. It’s so nice to not have to fight over who gets to go first once we barrel into the house after a long adventure, and my personal favorite: The ability to contain the mess to one room.

photo 4

That never happens, but the idea is nice.

Raising little boys has proven to be a bit of a challenge in this area, and we’ve regularly turned to the personal care wipes because they just work better for new learners. Establishing a clean routine for little boys has been difficult for our family, so anything that helps or acts as incentive is welcome. Somehow, the fact that Cottonelle’s Moist and Dry wipes are in their own dispenser is far more fun (and effective) than a regular roll of toilet paper-especially if you’re 6.

The quick and easy mess that the regular rolls offer is often far too enticing, especially when’ you’re a year and a half old.


The older kids have gotten the basics of their bathroom routines pretty down pat at this point, but the effectiveness of the personal care wipes helps me to know that I probably don’t need to intervene or worry.

When Beau starts to potty train, I’ll likely involve the wipes because I know that they are flushable and accessible, as well as properly contained in their own canister.

I’m excited about not only having a Target nearby, but a car to get there in and a whole house to stock the everyday necessities that our family of five tends to gravitate towards.

And the kids love it!

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  • I love Target, too, but it does require so much preparation and telling kids what is going to happen and what they are not going to get (everything).

  • the wipes are PRICELESS when potty training! If I have to wipe someone who is more person than baby, I want to be in and out QUICK.

    And I lurve Target. In Colorado we were 1.5 hours away from the nearest Target, so going was a special even. now I am less than a mile away from TWO super Targets – such luxury! Such a drain on my bank account!

  • Your new house looks amazing!! Congrats on the move! I wish I had 3 bathrooms and it’s only 2 of us.;)

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