A Lifetime with Corolle

I still have my most treasured toys from my childhood. My mother packaged and protected them and brought them with her to and from various residences. There is a teddy bear named Bobby and a doll named Diana, plus a box of Barbies and My Little Ponies and my collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls. Each item has one particular memory to accompany it, along with a familiar scent and an overall feeling of safety and nostalgia. These are deeply precious items-some of my most valuable possessions. To me, they represent love and family, security and hope. Throughout the challenges of divorce and new schools and new friends and a zillion insecurities, I often found my bearings with these toys.

When my own children were born, I wondered what sort of treasures they would latch onto. For Jack, it was immediately a lion “lovey” that sat in his bassinet from the day he came home from the hospital. For Zoe, her security was found in a soft bodied doll with a curly afro that slowly took the place of my own locks that she would twirl while breastfeeding. It was a bittersweet transition, as these transitions generally go, but Tina has been with Zoe ever since. She is irreplaceable-something that equally worries me and brings me great peace.


Tina, of the Les Dollies collection, was our second Corolle purchase. Our first was just before Zoe was born-we brought home a male Calin doll for Jack. He initially took to kissing and cuddling it, but it wasn’t long before he was throwing the doll as hard as he could from the highest point he could find. Boys.

Corolle has since come to be brand that I choose to purchase for my own children, but also as gifts for beloved friends and relatives. The dolls all have the most lovely, yet mild scent to them that will always remind me of mothering my young children.


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These dolls and Corolle products are a big part of my children’s lives. They’ve been from California to New York and back again, to Boston more than once, on a cruise to the bahamas, and even in the hospital while Jack’s asthma and allergies were being discovered.

 photo JHosp1.jpg

They are soft and loving companions, and have given my kids the sense of safety and security in a way that even I can’t provide. I will be sure to protect and care for them as long as I possibly can.

Aside from our favorite parenting products from self care to feeding to safety, Corolle is the brand I will love as mementos not only of my children’s early lives, but will also serve as early memories of me as a mother. It seems only fitting that I would be partnering with Corolle as one of their brand ambassadors, and I couldn’t be more excited or proud.

This post is sponsored as a part of my Corolle ambassadorship. All opinions are my own.

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  • Absolutely gorgeous Jessica. I’m crying!! What wonderful memories you have captured with your children.

  • She is so cute with her baby doll! Makes me excited to have a baby girl soon!

  • This is so adorable and it also brings me back to my childhood when I had dolls with me everywhere I went.

    I have sent you a message on your contact me page. If you could give it a look it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly,


  • We have a 1.5yr old daughter who we recently took to toys r us and she about mauled a very generic looking You&Me doll while still in the box. We opted to buy her something else, only to return it and ultimately get the generic looking dolly. Well let me tell you, she LOVES this generic doll. She is not even two yet and already trying to be a little mommy. I know now to honor my children’s selections and help them foster their organic connections rather then sway them to mine. Even if it’s a generic looking doll <3

  • I came across your blog when I clicked on a link for the story of your puppy and son. The article had me intrigued when it stated you were a “dentist, mother of three, and blogger” lol, I see you are a “dental school widow.” I am a hygienist, and I don’t think any one that hasn’t been there really knows what you mean by that ๐Ÿ™‚ so the fact that you can manage to maintain order in your home, let alone write a blog is amazing! I must say, my daughter has a corolle doll, and she LOVES it. She is her favorite dolly, and she will “diaper” her for hours (well, minutes, let’s be honest!) I absolutely love the smell of that doll, and I sometimes find myself holding it and snuggling it when my daughter is sleeping. Don’t tell on me!

  • So adorable. I loved my doll collection that I lost at age 11. This reminds me of my former white coworker who was so perturbed at first because her little blonde hair, blue eyed daughter rejected every doll that looked like her and wailed instead for a chocolate baby doll she saw at my home on a visit. I actually paid a lot of $$ for that doll and it was a collectors item, so instead, hat Christmas I bought her a doll called Kenya. She was dark brown and had long hair that could be braided. Very cute and lifelike and that doll became her constant companion until the pre-teen years when she kept her on her dresser. My coworker and I lost contact a few years after that but I wonder if her daughter still has the doll and I also wonder how having a black doll impacted her outlook on life.

  • I love Corolle as well! But what I am really interested in is where you got that Eloise doll???

  • Hi!

    I read about this blog post on yahoo and linked it to the Starshine Kids Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fan pages Wednesday morning. Come by and check it out!


  • I adore your blog. Thank you so much for sharing a party of your wonderful family with us. I wonder about the brown doll for your little one, and a comment made about it on this page. What makes you worry about her and her loving the doll? It seems so amazing that you are allowing her to appreciate everyone on this earth, despite the color of skin. I really applaud you ๐Ÿ™‚ Could you share what kind of concern you have?

  • I just wanted to tell you I love the photos of your beautiful children and that cute puppy of yours. It’s nice to have something positive and sweet. Keep up the good work!

  • My mommy brain immediately saw the concern of losing a beloved toy the child takes everywhere. Those are not replaceable after awhile they have there own feel and smell. If list all is not well.

  • Both my girls ( 4&5 ), absolutely love their corolle dolls. We have many a few claim dolls, a tidoo doll for bath & swimming fun, a les cheries doll, & a 20 inch corolle doll that can wear real baby clothes. Like you our dolls have traveled cross country. They are a favorite in our household and go everywhere with my girls. We also gift these dolls to friends and family. Can not say enough great thins about these dolls and their accessories. Have given my girls hours of playtime and helped prepare my oldest for her newest sibling. Highly recommended for all.

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