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I have been completely astounded by the kindness and love that my family and I have been shown in the past week. The emails, notes, messages of all kinds that I’ve received in response to the photos of Theo and Beau have literally at times left me slack-jawed (in a great way). It is truly incredible how the internet brings us together; I have gotten emails from all across the world, in various different languages, all expressing similar feelings. The images of the peace that Theo and Beau have found together is conveyed in the universal language of love.


Theo and Beau have a connection that I can only explain as completely natural and instantaneous. They behave as though they’ve been friends for life already, their companionship is similar to two friends having been apart for decades, only to resume right where they left off.


I wonder every day how this little fur baby came into our lives and settled in seamlessly as though it was always meant to be. Jack and Zoe have their own relationships with Theo, each of them quite special in their own way. Zoe has longed for a puppy for as long as she could verbally tell us so, and Jack has a sort of understood brotherhood with him that involves both companionship and playfulness.


For me, my heart is enormously filled seeing my children learning and forming a new relationship with a pet. Seeing Theo and Beau together, though they are both without many language skills, leaves me with the contentment of our lives being filled completely.

Nap time, is as you can imagine, my favorite part of the day lately. It’s the routine aspect that the three of us have gravitated to as well, safety and happiness in knowing that we can expect this peace in the early afternoon generally without fail.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve received many inquiries both here, on Facebook and Instagram about various things, and I just wanted to address the most common.

Star Bedding: The sheets on our bed in a few of the photos is from the Serena & Lily children’s collection.

Star Blanket: In the SF Giants’ photo, the star blanket is Aden & Anais.

Colorful Duvet and Shams, Anthropologie (sale!)

Colorful patch blanket, home made from Guatemala

Beau’s Clothing:

The “To each other we belong” tee is Go Gently Baby from Poppy’s Closet
Green guitar tee is Bobo Choses from Poppy’s Closet
The flag diapers are from The Honest Company
Mallard Duck Tee is Wild
Alphabet Onesie is Nununu
American Flag leggings are American Apparel

Zoe’s Clothing

She is wearing rainbow leggings from American Apparel, Dalmatian flats from Gymboree, the skirt is unknown and the heart tee is Gap.

Theo’s Breed

Theo was recently taken to the vet for his second round of vaccinations, and we were told that he is “definitely Shar-Pei and German Shepherd”. While there wasn’t a DNA test, our vet said that he doesn’t have any Rottweiler in him. I obvioulsy don’t know for sure either way, but so far we are concerned only with behavior and potty training him properly.

I appreciate all of the stories that you’ve shared with me, as well as advise.

Upload and Tag your images with #TheoandBeau!

I have received tons of submissions of photos of your children or yourselves with your pets, and I love every one! Please continue to and let me know if I have permission to share on my blog. I will be choosing a handful for the site this week.

Santa Cruz SPCA Donations


The Santa Cruz SPCA is in desperate need of a new facility. I’m starting to gather ideas for a fundraiser, however many of you have already donated-to the tune of $1,800-and we are beyond thrilled! If you feel the need, they are amazing and what they are doing to make sure so many animals have a forever home is fantastic.

I am in the process of taking my dream of publishing to the next level and I cannot wait to share more details as they come!

You can follow along by clicking the buttons under “about Jessica” up on the right of the screen.

Thank you so much, all of you, for sharing in our happiness. We are truly grateful, and completely humbled.

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  • Oh my goodness that top photo- really all your photos! You already had such an eye with the camera, and now, just wow. So excited for you. Love the pics so much!


  • LOVE! The Shar-Pei explains the cuteness of his face. Both are totally adorable.

  • Shar-Pei! I consider myself extremely well versed in dog breed guessing and that one never crossed my mind until you mentioned it. But as soon as you said it I was like YES…totally shar-pei in there! Not that it matters. We had a rottie before we had kids and she was such a love!

    • Agree. As soon as she said it, I was like OMG YES! THE FACE! SHAR-PEI!

  • Aw. They just get cuter and cuter together. Their relationship must be really strong.

  • Hi there! I too am from the Bay Are and a proud rescue mama. Just wanted to say I love that you are supporting your local shelter and urging people to adopt. I truly believe the animals we rescue in turn rescue us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • I can see the New York ambition and creativity in every word and photo. My son and his girlfriend both are creatives in advertising and I see the sme drive in you! Keep going, open every door and seize all possibilities… you have it now and don’t let up. Fabulous job, family and story. Think Bigger!

  • So beyond thrilled for you and your family. Not only because of your sweet puppy love but because so many people are seeing this magic you catch via your photographs.

    You may have just gotten us on the track to a puppy love of our own.

  • I have loved this story of yours.

    We adopted from the San Francisco SPCA in August. My 17 month old has a similar close bond with our dog. I’ll send you a few shots which of course you can share if you would like.




  • Hi Jessica, so thrilled for you. Book deal? So amazing.

    I look forward to keep watching this story unfold.

  • peace of mind over wealth accumulation, and view longer life expectancies as a chance to explore new options and/or pursue old dreams.

  • Hi Jessica, I adore the pictures, for sure, and every ‘lost’ pet that finds a warm home is a ‘plus’ for me. What you do for the animals and the organisation is amazing. I’m from Belgium, and it warms my heart to see what you achieve. Thank you very much!!

  • All these pics and so much love…it just makes my heart so happy! And while my husband and I talked to the kids about why we could not adopt a little puppy after our foster had parvo, we have discussed with them getting and older puppy or dog who needs love too. These shelters do so much good and I am so glad to hear how much people are helping!

  • Thank you for those gorgeous, lovely pictures and stories you sharing with us.
    Can´t wait until next picture…..

  • i – am – in – love. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen. my dog and i have the same connection, we are best friends – soulmates. every morning he wakes me up with his gentle hugs and kisses. a pet is the best thing that can happen to you. you have beautiful souls. love from germany.

  • It’s crazy how your photos have taken off but not surprising and definitely so cool. Just saw your black and white pic on Carolyn Murphy’s Instagram profile!

  • As always (can I be a broken record?) I love your photos. I’ve been loving them long before theo and beau and I think its because you have such an amazing eye for photography. Since you post so many on instagram do you take them all with your iphone or do you use another camera?

    I couldn’t be more happy for your success! So glad so many have been able to share in Theo and Beau!

  • What a beautiful and special gift you have in capturing these precious moments via camera…they are wonderful to behold.

  • Beautiful and so sweet! I love your pictures!! So inspiring!

  • This love story is so incredible as are your beautiful pictures! We have a shar pei so I could see it in Theo’s face and paws immediately. They really are such loyal, protective dogs and this has been a great way to create awareness about the SPCA. In our area most of the dogs can only be adopted to families with children 12+ so I am glad you were able to find a puppy that would be such a perfect fit:)

  • New fan of your site here! These photos really hit a nerve with me since I also have a toddler who has a very special relationship with our family dog – one I’ve taken many photos of as well, but yours are just amazing. We lived in the West Village up until recently (out on Long Island now) but when we were in NYC one of my son’s very favorite things to do was to take our pup to either the Union Square or Washington Square dog parks. Definitely one of the things I miss most about city living! I sent you a photo of my little man with his best buddy. I am beyond happy that my son will grow up with a dog; I just think it is such a wonderful thing for a child to have in his life 🙂

  • Hey there,
    I found trainingpositive.com very helpful in getting our dog trained. So many free and helpful videos on how to train your puppy in a positive way.
    It’s not the breed it’s how you raise them.
    Hope that helps!

  • Adorei o seu blog!
    Lindos Theo e Beau fotos perfeitas.


  • Hello, I am Brazilian and I saw the article on your photos on a news site here in Brazil. What a beautiful thing your babe with the puppy.

  • I love your photos of Beau and Theo! It’s reminiscent of when my parents
    took photos of me and my pup (peekapoo) back in the 60’s. I “blame” my parents
    now for not being able to sleep without my dogs on the bed (3 100lbs-ers). Many pictures were of me in the crib with my pup. lol

    I thought that Beau was a GSD mixed with Rottie – having had both and now have one that is a mix. I can see the Shar-Pei too.

    I look forward to seeing more pics as these two BFFs grow up together.

    Best to you and your family.

  • oh my, they are wonderful !
    For fund raising, you need to publish a calendar !..
    Proceeds to your shelter..

    such loving, refreshing pictures of true friendship


  • So, so lovely! I think I looked at the first set of pics about ten times (at least), and will probably do the same with this set.

  • I have enjoyed this so much, just posted link to facebook, my friends need to have a lift and a smile. Please one day make a book of the pictures, don’t need words really.

  • I absolutely love the pictures you have posted of Theo and Beau. This is certainly the dog of a lifetime and I am delighted you are enjoying it so much. Also, is the puppy really blind? If so,can they help him?

  • Dear Jessica,

    I just can´t get enough of those pics of your son (the cutest little boy on Earth) and his dog. Those images are almost unbelieveable to me, because it seems they could be twins if that were possible. Maybe you should print a 2014 calendar with their pics. It would sell all over the world. Everyone would love to stare at them every single day.

    My family and I are crazy about dogs. We have four, and they are as family as anyone else of us. So when I see a friendship like Beau and Theo share I truly believe human kind can have a better future.

    Im from south of Brazil, a tiny tiny city, but your son manage to come here and amaze us. I have been to NYC a couple times and I imagine that raising three kids and two dogs in the city that never sleeps must be a challenge! Congrats on your beautiful family. And thanks for sharing them with us.



  • I live in Rio de Janeiro.
    Congratulations to show for world people the real love and value of dogs, our best friends.

    Deiner Barbosa
    Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  • Thank you so much for capturing the wonderful photos. They remind me of my son and our dog, Simba before he passed last year. I love the love I feel when I see the love between a furry one and a young one!

    Many blessing to you and your family.

  • I love the pics of your child with the puppy….. Brought such a smile to my face….

  • Your pictures of Theo and Beau are very special. They tell a story showing a lot more than just an adorable boy and a precious puppy. They show that love can transcend all boundaries and is present in each and every soul! It is just a beautiful example of how we can all exist together with love. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of love.

  • Love the cute pics of your son and puppy. How about making it into a calendar to raise money for the Santa Cruz SPCA?

  • You MUST document these naptime photos for years to come. They are the absolute sweetest pictures I have ever seen 🙂

  • The pictures of Theo and Beau are too adorable for words! I am glad that so many have been inspired by your pictures. Can’t wait to hear more about the publishing project!

  • Overwhelmingly adorable, so very precious. Your photos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing them, and for using your blog to help the Santa Cruz SPCA.

  • a DNA test costs only about $50 and can be done with a cheek swab. I definitely see Rottie in there!!

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